Saturday, August 23, 2014

Personal Digest Saturday: August 16 – 22

Life news this week: 
  • Well, I got over a hundred submissions for Pitch Wars. I will drown in submissions. I'm reading, but it's slow going!

  • People are getting notices that their copy of my book is shipping to them next week if they preordered on Amazon. Wow! That's a little scary!

  • There will be a Goodreads giveaway for my book starting next week! Five free copies are being given away by my publisher, so that's kinda cool. Sign up!

  • My nephew turned eight months old and he's crawling. WE HAVE A CRAWLER IN THE FAMILY. He's so dang cute!

  • I had dinner at Carrabba's with my mom on Sunday and slept over her house on Tuesday. It was fun--she fed me veggie burgers even!

  • I had a nice chat with my online friend Denise on the phone for the first time. We've known each other for like a couple years now but hadn't ever talked on the phone, so that changed on Sunday. I also spent some of Friday evening on the phone with Sarah. Such a phone geek.

  • I don't really talk about work very much. Well, work was heavy this week--we had to bust out a proposal quickly, and we got shortlisted on it the next day. They had also painted the office over the weekend so it's kind of a mess.

  • I ate at Panera with Jeaux this week. We went to his house to watch America's Got Talent. Had fun talking about Internet drama.
Places featured: 

  • The Asexual Agenda mentioned my YA Interrobang interview and my video Interview on A-Okay video last week.

Reading progress:

  • Finished Fairy Tales in Electri-City by Francesca Lia Block. ★★★
  • Currently reading Clockwork by Philip Pullman.

New singing performances:

I'm a big nerd and this week's karaoke is dedicated to critique partner, former mentee, and Pitch Wars mentor Whitney's amazing characters Ingrid and Lacie, 'cause it makes me think of them.

New drawings:

Webcomic Negative One Issue 0484: "Can You Say."

New videos:

No new videos, but there will be two next week!

New photos:

I didn't actually take any photos of interest this week. What a bum.

Social media counts:

YouTube subscribers: 3,719 for swankivy (32 new this week), 371 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 534 for swankivy (no change), 657 for JulieSondra (36 new--yeah, it's all still Pitch Wars). Facebook: 265 friends (friended Victor's girlfriend Tia and two Pitch Wars mentor friends) and 132 followers (3 new) for swankivy, 387 likes for JulieSondra (1 new), 48 likes for Negative One (no change), 79 likes for So You Write (1 new). Tumblr followers: 1,475 (16 new).

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