Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mild fame and not so much of the fortune

Hello readers~

I was featured in The Varsity yesterday and it looked pretty cool.

Toronto hosts second-ever International Asexuality ConferenceWorldPride-affiliated event sheds light on history of asexuality and the growing “ace” community

It's just a student paper (a pretty awesome student paper!), but it makes me happy that they wanted to write some stuff about our conference and stopped by to talk to me.

And then I also heard my article from The Toast was excerpted in The Daily Dish.

"She's Just Not That Into Anyone"

It seems to have gotten a few more people trickling in to read the original article and comment on it.

So let's talk about media. I'm not in the media that often, but it's been happening with increasing frequency and I imagine that trend will continue--both because my book is coming out and because every year there's an Asexual Awareness Week and I inevitably get requests for interviews. This year, for the first time, I'll be the one who wrote a book about it, so I'll probably be even more of a "target" for the media attention than usual.

I love documenting stuff (as well as showing interested people that I'm an experienced spokesperson for this topic and showing that there is mainstream interest), so ever since I started doing interviews and whatnot in 2005, I've been collecting the credits. But as my various Web presences grew and diversified, I started wanting that information to be available in more than one place. Now, whenever I get something published or appear in some kind of media, I have a bunch of stuff that needs updating. Here's the short list:
  • I add it to a list of recent life events on my old personal website.
  • I add it to my "what's going on right now" page in the "me in the media" list on my old site.
  • I add it to a timeline for a sort of autobiography thing I have on my old site.
  • I put it on the Facebook timeline of my author page with a link.
  • If it's media, I put it on my Media page on my author site.
  • If it's a piece I got published, I put it on my All Published Work page on my author site.
  • If it's a piece I got published, it also gets updated on its proper category: Long Nonfiction, Articles, Short Fiction, and . . . hopefully one of these days, I'll be able to update Bad Fairy's individual page.
  • I generally make a brief post about it on my author site.
  • I usually post about it on this blog too.
  • If it's an asexuality article that I either got published or was interviewed in, it goes on my Asexuality Resources.
  • I add the publisher of the piece to my Google profile as places I've contributed.
  • And then I probably will put whatever it is on Tumblr, tweet about it, and make a note to put it in the next newsletter that goes out.
I should note that when there is book news--which, as you probably know, so far has only happened once--the process is more ridiculous than this. Not only do I do all of the above, but I make a YouTube video, add relevant photos to albums, update my various "About Me" and "About My Writing" pages (I have them on blogs and pretty much every social media, plus my webcomics--we're talking more than 15 places), and of course, there's plenty of room for unattractive freakouts.

Last time, I made a cake to creatively announce my deal:

. . . And ended up with cake icing all over my face somehow.

Sometimes I am a dignified little author. This was not one of those times.

Anyway, I don't mind having all those accounts and updates to do every time something happens, but it is a little time-consuming sometimes. It still works out pretty well; everyone has their own favorite social media or way of discovering the information they're interested in, and if you do a bunch of them, you're bound to have your content seen by more folks. But I follow the advice of most Internet weirdos and suggest that you really concentrate the bulk of your time on the couple social things you really enjoy. I love blogging (I do this blog and sometimes put asexuality-related stuff on Tumblr), and I love Twitter despite the short format, and while I don't use my author Facebook that much, I like engaging people there, too. I only do YouTube once a month for each channel (though I just uploaded 3 videos because of the conference), and I don't do Pinterest or Instagram at all, and I just have Google Plus stuff posting automatically--don't really use it for engagement. But I like to keep everything I have on the Internet up to date reflecting my most recent activity, so that's why I have to keep a list. :/

Hopefully I'll be able to post some more pictures of me covered in cake pretty soon, eh?

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  1. Good thing you don't work in a cookie shop! :)