Monday, July 7, 2014

30-Week Writing Survey: Week 14: Locations



Today's question: How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

I don't do maps, by and large. I'm not good at geography in real life, so imagining it for my stories isn't my forte. I have also never created a large-scale fictional land, so maps have mostly been completely absent from my writing vocabulary.

HOWEVER. There are a couple quirky exceptions (as usual). I can safely say there have been no maps in Bad Fairy, Finding Mulligan, Stupid Questions, or Joint Custody, nor has there been any mapping in my short stories, but my old fantasy series The House That Ivy Built and its associated webcomic Negative One has a couple diagrams that technically apply to locations.

This is an architectural map I made of the college-dorm-like house the characters live in (because the series is, after all, named after the house, so the house itself is kinda special):

I also have a version of this map that fills in who sleeps in what bedroom, but I won't show you that because it is probably well beyond what my blog readers care about, haha.

And, being that Negative One has a sort of hierarchy as to what dimensions can be traveled to, there is a map of that. When explaining the ins and outs of dimensional travel to Adele, the elder Tabitha gave her a map to illustrate, and that map was in the comic. (It's just an illustration to show how far each world is from any other world, and whether it can be traveled to or from is shown with an arrow that is double-headed or single-headed. If it is unconnected, it means they know it exists but no one has been there. Also, if a world is more than one "step" away, the memory loss involved in undertaking the travel is catastrophic.)

The names are in various foreign languages, mostly Shioan but never English.
BTW the one labeled "Thee-ileo" is the human world. :)

And that's the closest I ever get to having maps because places are pretty much just amorphous things that people exist in to me. :)

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