Thursday, May 23, 2013

Representation Settled: So You Think You're Asexual

Today I accepted an offer for literary agency representation and signed a contract for my nonfiction book So You Think You're Asexual.  I am officially a double-agented author.

Me with my newly signed contract
Everyone, please meet my agent, Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger.  She really knows her stuff, agrees with me that a book on asexuality is something that needs to exist, and even teaches a workshop on book proposals! I think I'm in really good hands here!

What this means: Nonfiction is sold through the proposal. With Andrea's help, I will be fine-tuning a document that will be going to publishers. This is no big deal for me because the proposal (and the book) is already written, since I had to have a proposal in order to query nonfiction agents. Andrea said the proposal I sent her was in need of only minor changes, and I have a few things I want to add/change too. Once we have the proposal finalized, it will go out to the editors Andrea knows who might be interested in acquiring it. The book itself will probably not be requested by publishers until or unless someone decides to make an offer. (It feels so backwards from the way fiction is sold, since you have to have a polished manuscript BEFORE querying agents!)

We’ll be approaching publishers soonish.  I hope to be able to share good news when I have it. In the meantime, I plan to do another "how I got my agent" video to complement this one about my fiction agent, Michelle, and I'll discuss the difference between querying for fiction and querying for nonfiction in a future post. I also plan on doing some posts about what my calls were like! I never did a "the call" post and I think people are interested in that sort of thing!


  1. Congratulations on landing the second agent.

    1. Thanks! I'm gonna make more stuff like I mentioned above, because I really like a) talking about this stuff and b) trying to give others insight so they can do it too! :)

  2. Congrats! I'll be renting it if my hometown imports it!