Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New blog for me!

Hi! I'm starting a blog here on Blogspot because even though I already have a spic-and-span Wordpress blog for my writing life, I decided I needed a different scene. I wanted a place to post personal life stuff, ramble a little less coherently, and perhaps be a little less strait-laced and a little more silly. So that way I can still have a very dignified Web presence to show to my professional contacts while having a place to post a picture of my glittery toenails if I so choose.

And I so choose.
Don't make fun of my mutant feet.
So. This blog will definitely be full of writing perspectives, news about my publishing progress, and book nerdery, but it will also contain plain old life stuff, humorous bits, and the occasional philosophical ramble. Everything really big will be cross-posted to the WordPress blog: my official site at I'd really like to grab some new followers, interact with you, and participate in a few of the cluttery blog things I was reluctant to throw all over my semi-professional site. Friend me, stalk me, follow me, and enjoy!


  1. I like glittery toenails and those aren't mutant feet. You should see mine, toes all smooshed together from too many years of wearing high heels (a definite torture device).

    1. Thanks. :) Though I do have one foot with the second toe longer and the other foot with the second toe shorter. So they are sort of mutant-ish.