Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013

So what have I been up to lately? Big life news was my excellent vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my best girlie Meghan and her family.

Thursday, May 2:

Meggie's mom drove me to Orlando and we got a cabin at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. We claimed beds and unpacked things and put food away and went to dinner at Trail's End, a sort of Southern-style buffet.

Friday, May 3:

EPCOT Day! We rode a boat to EPCOT and had a ball. (Ha ha.) This day was just me, Meg, her fourteen-year-old daughter Katelyn, and her five-year-old son Benjamin.

We picked up FastPasses for the Soarin' ride, and then Katelyn and I got fish 'n' chips from the Britain area upon entering the World Showcase, and sat with Meggie while Benny played in a play area. Then we wandered around the World Showcase area, checking out the food and the sights in each of the countries. We saw the movie in Canada (which was funny), checked out the music-and-scenes presentation in France, and rode the Maelstrom ride in Norway.

Meggie, Katie, Benny on a boat
Benny and me being silly with masks
We also got to eat Frushi and noodles and little parfait things, and Meggie and Katie got Moroccan pancake things but didn't like them. Ben wanted Mickey ears ice cream and had to wait a long time for it, and was incredibly patient. Then we trekked back to the other side of EPCOT, drank soda samples in Club Cool, and rode Soarin' (amazing as always). We left the park intending to come back for the Extra Magic hours, but it rained, so some of us just snoozed through it.

Panda bush!
Benny finally got his ice cream
Beverly, the Italian Coke
Saturday, May 4:

Hollywood Studios! It was Star Wars Day, too, so we saw a bunch of people in Star Wars-related costumes walking around. (Sadly, Star Tours was down, but we got a FastPass for it anyway.) Our group this time was Meg, Katelyn, Brendon, and me. (Benny was with his grandmother.)

We went for the Aerosmith Rock 'N' Roller Coaster and pretty much hopped right on because we did the single rider line. I warned my seat-mate that I would be screaming a lot, and I screamed a lot. Upon telling Meghan this, she said she had never heard me scream and determined that she wanted to sit next to me on the next ride so she could hear it. Next we rode the Tower of Terror and I did indeed scream a lot as they had us in a spooky elevator and kept dropping us at random times!

Rock 'N' Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror

Then we did Muppets 3-D, hit Pizza Planet for pizzas and salad (and a Darth Vader cupcake), did the Great Movie Ride and a presentation on The Magic of Disney Animation, and then finally Star Tours was operational again and we got on it. (We got to go to the Wookiee planet AND got to see Yoda! Score!) Then it was Sci-Fi Dine-In (which had tables shaped like cars and let us watch hokey video clips while eating), and we did Midway Mania and some shopping. Nice full day.

Darth Cupcake
Brendon Furry-Head
Maleficent in the shop window?
Sunday, May 5

Magic Kingdom day! I had not been since 1988, so yeah, it was different. All of us went this time. We took a boat, went to Tomorrowland and had pretzels, and did Stitch's Great Escape and the Buzz Lightyear shooting game. Then we checked out the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Totally funny and interactive with the Monster comedians making fun of people in the audience. Haha!

Ben and me on a boat
Meg and Bren on a boat
Monster comedian!

Katie wanted to do the Haunted Mansion and Benjamin gets too scared of such things, so we left him with Brendon to ride the Speedway cars. Haunted Mansion was cool but it was the SAME RECORDING from when I saw it when I was ten. I was reciting it along with the spooky voice. Then we took a boat around and saw Tom Sawyer Island, met back up with Brendon and Ben for food, and did Pirates of the Caribbean (Ben was so excited) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Ben kept yelling for us to take him on it again).

Not quite tall enough, Ben
Pirates of the Caribbean!
Ben's so excited!

And then we got ICE CREAM--I had been waiting all day for it!--and they actually had Tofutti as an option so I got that instead of dairy ice cream! So yum. After some shopping, we left Magic Kingdom and sat on the beach for fireworks. Benjamin was an absolute nut running around trying to get everyone to play with him! The boat show and the fireworks were pretty but we were cold. And then we went home.

Ice cream with Katelyn & Meg
Tofutti with Ben
Cold on the beach

Monday, May 6

Animal Kingdom! We all went except Brendon. We got FastPasses for the Everest roller coaster, then checked out the monkeys and got some food. I ate at a kiosk that was entirely vegetarian food and had super awesome noodles. Then we rode the roller coaster but because there was an angry Yeti and some backwards riding in the dark, Ben got scared. Then he got scared again when we did the It's Tough to Be a Bug movie and dry ice steam obscured our vision while they simulated a bunch of mean hornets attacking us. His grandma took him to play so Katelyn and Meghan and I could ride the scary dinosaur ride. They sent us back in time to when the meteor was hitting.

Benny's wild time
Expedition Everest roller coaster
Dinosaur ride

Then we met up again, let Ben play carnival games, got some snacks, and went home. The end!

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