Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Double Agent

So it looks like I'm about to have two agents?

Today I received an offer of representation for my nonfiction book, So You Think You're Asexual. I'm not discussing the details yet because I have to go back to the other agents who were considering it and do that whole thing, and I'll discuss more about what's going on and who I'm signing with once the decisions are tied up and the papers are signed.

My fiction agent Michelle only represents nonfiction if it's True Crime or Memoir books, so I had to look for someone else to handle this project. So You Think You're Asexual is an informative book about the sexual orientation of asexuality, and it will be pitched and marketed as an alternative sexuality book along with other queer sexuality titles. You can see more detailed information about So You Think You're Asexual on its info page on my main site.

My agents know about each other and everything's kosher. Can't wait to make the official announcement. :)

Agents queried (total): 28
Form rejections: 11
No response: 14
Proposal requests: 3

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