Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Organization

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Which is more annoying to you: When someone is "too organized" (everything in its place, no toleration for clutter) or "too messy" (has no structure, no toleration for applying a system)?

I fall heavily on the side of being annoyed by lack of organization.

I find it easy personally to get organized and stay organized, and though I'm not completely intolerant of temporary messes, I really dislike when items or information have no rhyme or reason. Sometimes disorganized people claim they don't have time to organize stuff, but for me, you LOSE a lot of time sifting through stacks of paper or scrolling through lists of files every time you're trying to find something. Organize it once, and then keep it up.

Easier said than done, of course!

It helps that I LIKE to organize. I love systems and lists, always have. So organizing things isn't usually all that intimidating to me, even if it's a big job. I like developing a system and then populating the system. It's satisfying.

Because I own a lot of STUFF and am not a minimalist, at first glance some people think I have some cluttering tendencies. It's not clutter to me at all. It's decoration or collection and it is organized.

When other people aren't organized, especially if we've got to get a job done, it really drives me up the wall. When I have to wait because someone can't find or lost the paper; when I get held up because someone scheduled irresponsibly and I have to change my plans; when someone expects me to work with files that aren't in any order and apply impractical techniques to finding what I need; I get really irritated.

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