Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Three-Day Weekend!

I had a three-day weekend because of Memorial Day this past weekend.

I got a few invitations to do stuff but after having so little free time to myself for the last entire month, I decided I needed a weekend in. So I spent it by myself.

May 5 & 6: Saturday was Free Comic Book Day out with my friends Jeaux and Victor; Sunday was Queer Brunch.

May 12 & 13: Saw Deedee Magno Hall in concert (had to drive out of town) on Saturday and had Mom over for Mother's Day on Sunday.

May 19 & 20: Out of town in Detroit for Jessie's wedding; flew out Friday, arrived back Sunday.

May 26, 27, & 28: FINALLY SOME ME TIME!

I spent Saturday doing my blogging and catching up with updating my photos and book reviews, and then I got to play online with updating some pictures of my cartoon merch and got some drawing in at night. And I recorded a new video.

I spent Sunday doing laundry, drawing my writing webcomic, talking to Meggie on the phone, subtitling and processing my new video, doing karaoke, and playing my ukulele.

I spent Monday, the day off, finishing my laundry, relaxing, and drawing comics for like eleven hours.

It was an interesting mix of productive and relaxing--because almost everything I love to do to relax also involves making something. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I decided to indulge in drawing fun cartoon comics instead of maybe taking the opportunity to do some writing, story submission, or website editing, but sometimes you just have to do something fun.

For a lot of people, "fun" means going out and "doing something," but the most fun activities I would default to are always solitary. It really is my idea of fun to stay in my house and draw for hours.

It was an overdue and much-needed break, and I feel like I got a decent amount of rest and achieved a satisfying level of creative output, but I still want another weekend right now. :/

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