Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Emoji

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What emoji do you use most often? Do you have a favorite emoji?

I think when I'm just typing typically without fancy emoji on my phone, I simply type :) or :D the most, though I am also a fan of <3. But when I look at my most recently used emoji menu, I see the cry-laugh reaction at the top of the list.

Hmm. So the sideways cry-laugh, the blushing smile, the half smile, the huge smile, the upset face, the "lol ok" face, the small happy face, the medium happy face, the love react, the relief face, the angry react, the "ugh wtf" face, and the heart are definitely common "vocabulary" for me. But a few of these are uncommon and just happened to be recent, especially the lion, the hot dog, the snowflake, the sleeping face, and the nail-painting. I put the hot dog in there just because I made a veggie dog concoction that involved donuts, so I used the hot dog emoji as a bullet for my ingredients.

The strong-arm is from when I was muscling through something last week. The sad cat was me telling a party host that I would have to take allergy medication for me to come to their house since they have cats. 

And of course there's a music note. Who do you think I am?

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