Monday, April 16, 2018



Why do so many people insist on making noise and doing it in places and situations where others have to listen to their noise?

What is it about FORCING YOUR NOISE ON OTHERS that makes it more enjoyable?

There is no way that the volume most people blast their noise at is necessary for them to hear it or to enjoy it. There is no way that whatever pleasure they get from having their music vibrate the walls could be worth the irritation they cause others, unless of course they're A BUNCH OF SELFISH JACKASSES who actually don't care at all if they annoy others and/or don't give a passing thought to the comfort of other people in their everyday lives.

This is just baffling to me honestly. People just moving through life aggressively unaware of how their habits affect other people. I mean, y'all know I moved out of my previous apartment because the people upstairs were so consistently inconsiderate that my daily life became unlivable. And my apartment management did not think it was important enough to address with more than a single wimpy unspecific note on their door; this boosted my suspicion that the management I discussed it with were similar to my neighbors in that they honestly don't think it should be a big deal to live with excessive noise that you cannot sleep through or get away from. These are the types of people who believe you are the problem for being annoyed instead of the people being inconsiderate being, well, inconsiderate.

And the thing is . . . THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS FOR PEOPLE TO STILL ENJOY THE THINGS THEY WANT TO ENJOY WITHOUT INFLICTING IT ON OTHERS. Wear headphones if you just must catch up on the sports scores while sharing close quarters with someone else! Wear headphones when you want to watch that video on the bus! Speak on the phone quietly and not on friggin' speaker phone when you're in public! Close your garage door or lower your volume if you really must listen to the country station while you sit in your yard drinking! Don't ever jack your music up in your car or your home to the point that the walls shake BECAUSE MAYBE SOMEONE ELSE DOESN'T WANT TO BE FORCED TO LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC! I don't care if you think it's good! But behave as if you share space with other humans and show them some common freakin' courtesy.

I'm just really sick of having other people's LOUD entertainment inflicted on me and then either being ignored or treated as rude if I ask them to stop!

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