Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Procrastination

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: How much of a procrastinator are you?

Oh, goodness. I am not a procrastinator AT ALL.

I was actually just talking about this with someone. I absolutely hate having something I must do hanging over my head, especially if I do not know how long it will take or whether I could be interrupted. I hate it to the point that if I have something I have to do sitting there taunting me, I have trouble having fun or enjoying whatever I elected to do instead. 

I'm more likely to "procrastinate" if it's something that has no deadline; I have projects I've been planning to do "someday" for years, but nobody's waiting for me to do them and other things are always jumping in front. It doesn't actually matter if I ever do them. If I have a deadline, I'm on it. If I don't have a deadline but someone is waiting for the thing--or I want people to see the thing--I'm on it. I give myself a LOT of self-imposed deadlines, too. 

When I was a kid I used to do my homework on the bus on the way home (and finish it at home as soon as I got home) so I wouldn't have it dangling there waiting for me to do it. It got me in trouble sometimes because I HATED things like semester-long projects because they were intended to be unfinished for a long period of time, by design. I learned early on that if I jumped the gun and tried to do the whole project, I'd end up going in the wrong direction because the teacher would give guidance and milestones along the way. Group projects were always the worst because everyone else would be procrastinating and I'd be that ass ragging everyone to get their parts done so I could relax.

People often say they wish they had my drive and my ability to actually complete things, but to be honest? It's kind of stressful to feel like you HAVE to. :P


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