Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Habits

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you have any habits you're currently trying to drop? Have you ever successfully dropped a habit?

Right now, no--I'm not actively trying to stop anything I'm currently doing. I vaguely acknowledge that I'd like to lose a little weight because I am having trouble fitting into my clothes and it's a diet or a new wardrobe, but I haven't actively committed to any lifestyle change and I don't really consider eating a "habit." I just do a little too much of it these days for reasons other than being hungry.

So yeah, I'm not trying to stop doing anything. I do have some habits others probably think I should drop--I drink a lot of caffeine, I bite my nails, I use my phone a lot, I really like salt. But I don't have a reason to stop ingesting caffeine or salt--neither seems to be hurting me--and I don't have any vested interest in using my phone less or growing my nails out. I actually did stop biting my nails for a long time once and didn't actually like having nails, though I did kinda enjoy painting them. They just get in the way too much while playing instruments and typing. So I might as well eat them.

When I was a kid I sucked my thumb until I was something like 7? There was a lot of concern about this and how to get me to stop. It was a little helpful when my mom put a band-aid on my thumb so I'd be reminded not to stick it in my mouth. But mostly it was just good old will power. I wanted to be rewarded with a party when I stopped and I think my mom sort of agreed to throw me a party if I'd stop, but I never got a party. Maybe because it was unclear whether I'd actually fully stopped for a while and when you could tell officially that I'd dropped the habit, and then also there was the awkwardness of what are you supposed to do to have a thumb-sucking-cessation party and invite your seven-year-old's friends without it being kind of embarrassing. The whole point was that I was way too old to be sucking my thumb, so drawing attention to it seemed like a bad idea.

I just wanted a cake, probably.

I'd like some cake now, in fact.

Not going to be very helpful with the diet.

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