Saturday, July 1, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: June 24 – June 30

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I pretty much spent all day editing a series of drawings on the computer because I didn't like the physical copy's outcome. I watched cartoons in the background while doing that. At least I was rewarded after all that with a front-page feature on Amino . . . and getting my art stolen immediately and put on YouTube. :P Also, I got the figure I was missing, the last one, for my set of backpack hangers! SCORE! And I managed to find time to subtitle a video and get my blogging done.
  • Sunday I woke up super late. I drew a funny picture of Garnet with coffee, did some laundry, made some videos (a karaoke vid, a ukulele vid, and a writing video about doing research), and I posted my latest webcomic for So You Write. Did some video editing and some mail cleanup, and ate a lot of crap.
  • Monday my boss was back from India and had brought me sweets! I love those sweets, have had them before. The day was long and hard at the office because I had to dive into business development stuff. Doug drove me home so it didn't take as long to get back, and I shopped at Fresh Market and doodled a picture of Jenny Pizza and her friends. And I subtitled my writing video.
  • Work meeting! We always have to go over a lot of junk at these meetings but we also always get sandwiches and that's fun. I took notes and also got to eat donuts. My co-worker Mike took me home that day and at home I didn't do much besides singing a duet with someone I've already sung a duet with on a song I've already done. Wow how productive.
  • Wednesday I met with my boss to figure out a bunch of proposals and spent the rest of the day carrying out the marching orders. The day goes by fast when you're this busy! Left after work to go meet Jeaux, and we bought a new Steven Universe comic as well as eating at Cheddar's and watching the next episode of Wrecked. After he left I read the comic and reviewed it.
  • Thursday was all messed up, woke up early 'cause I fell asleep on my couch, spent a bunch of time working on proposals and then had to leave early to go to the doctor. They got me to do a breathing treatment there because the doctor thought I might have an allergy or asthmatic issue but it didn't help anything so he sent me home with a prescription for Prednisone. Mom came over and helped me with some costume things and I helped her with some phone things. She helped me get my prescription and some groceries. After she left I talked to Victor and drew.
  • Friday I had a long kinda bad day--spent all day on the proposals (I have four going at once) and after I stayed an hour later than I meant to, I narrowly missed the bus I wanted and sat there at the bus stop drawing (because I hadn't finished very much of my webcomic the night before). Then I got to my bike and it had a flat tire for no reason, and I had to walk home when it was late and hot, and my mp3 player was dead so I couldn't listen to it, but at least there was a pretty rainbow and the rain didn't start 'til after I got home! I took a shower because it had been a gross walk, then finished the webcomic, posted it, and drew some fan art too.

    New reviews of my book:

        Reading progress:
        • Finished this week: No books finished because the book is huge and I didn't ride the bus as much as usual which means less reading time. But I did finish Steven Universe Comic 2017 Ongoing #5 and gave it a four-star review.
        • Currently reading: The Ancestor's Tale by Richard Dawkins.
          New singing performances:

          This week I performed "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" from Annie Get Your Gun. My partner is Caramia_Jim, and though he's not doing his half on camera, it's a really funny show tune.


          I also did a new version of my "Here Comes a Thought" duet with Oaklight because the first time I recorded it, I sang a couple lyrics wrong while spacing out, though I'm sure no one but huge nerds would notice.

          New drawings: 

          Jenny Pizza, the Bad Grrl, who needs her own episode

          Garnet and her morning coffee

          The "thanks" card I sent to someone who bought my Lion on eBay

          Ruby wants to show her chill wife the cannonball

          A thank-you card I sent to the eBayer who bought my Pearl figure

          Webcomic So You Write Issue 73: "What's Next?"

          Webcomic Negative One Issue 0633: "You Guessed."

          New videos:

          My latest writing video is On Research and it's about why you should do your own research whenever possible.

          My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Full Disclosure" from Steven Universe. I can just barely sing it in the right octave, but it sounded really croaky with the low notes, so sang it up an octave. This is Steven's "totally gotta be a stoic hero to protect the people I love" song. Also, new chord for me: Welcome to the family, A-flat!

          New photos:

          Indian sweets from my boss!
          The breathing treatment the doctor gave me
          The rainbow in the stormy sky

          Social Media Counts:

          YouTube subscribers: 5,306 for swankivy (lost 1), 643 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 871 for swankivy (no change), 1,330 for JulieSondra (lost 4). Facebook: 293 friends (accepted a friend request from Sarah) and 207 followers (no change) for swankivy, 653 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 126 likes for So You Write (1 new). Tumblr followers: 2,492 (lost 2). Instagram followers: 116 (lost 1).

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