Tuesday, July 11, 2017

For Your Health

You know what's weird, except not at all because it's explained by bigotry?

There are a lot of jerks out there who sneer at vegetarians/vegans or health-conscious people, calling them hippies in a mocking way or suggesting they're elitists. They get really irritated if anyone implies they themselves should be making healthier choices for their food, and boy do they explode if you say drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes isn't healthy. Like, I don't ever criticize these folks' choices myself, but you know the type: lol if God didn't want us to eat animals he shouldn't have made them out of meat, you don't drink what are you a pussy?

Aaaaand then fat people exist in the world and these same people insist the harassment they dish out is about "their health."

I'd say it's confusing, but again, it's not. Because the answer is they're hypocrites. They don't really care about the fat person's health. What they really care about is attacking people for not being attractive or for being "a loser," whatever that means, and these mean little people think it makes perfect sense to suggest their fury is motivated by outrage over the fat person's failure to take care of themselves.

Like, this is embarrassing, bigots. Why aren't you embarrassed by how transparent you are? You blatantly hold people to different standards when you're racist or sexist or homophobic or fatphobic or ableist--whatever. You pretend the "real" issue is something other than an issue YOU have with the person. You do this whenever you claim a black person deserved to get murdered by cops because he did something "suspicious" or might have looked thuggish to you for some reason, but you would (and do) straight-up defend white people literally having guns in public and saying threatening things. You don't really think simply "looking suspicious" or even actually stealing from a store deserves murder. But you do already condemn black people as criminals because you are a bigot, so you are approaching what happened to them as if it must have been deserved, after which you look for justification.

So, you want to make fun of a fat person, but then you find (gasp) that people criticize YOU for this--perhaps calling you a cruel or mean person for doing it. But how can that be? You're not cruel! They're just a fat person who deserves to be abused, and there's no way you think that because YOU'RE an ass. It must be deserved somehow. Now, why? Ah yes! HEALTH!

Because you know, abusing and teasing and harassing people about their health is something we totally should do as a society.

I've ranted plenty of times before about how disgusting I think shaming is, but my point this time is that people keep pretending they're motivated to hurt someone because of an ultimate desire to help them. And that's not true. You want to hurt them because you are a bigot and you hate them.

If you wanted to help people, you wouldn't scramble immediately for some reason to blame them for their own situation. You would look for an actual. way. to. help. them. 

It's not even close to something you're doing for their health. It's to protect yourself from having to acknowledge that you're a jerk and a bigot. And we can all see that you are. You're not fooling us. Every time you say someone deserves the horrible things you do to them because they brought it on themselves through their choices, you are refusing to acknowledge responsibility for being the SOURCE of the badness. You are making it. You. You are.

It's not just happening to them as a natural consequence of being a fat person, or whatever other marginalized person we're talking about today. You are choosing that. You. Choosing. You are choosing. To make their life more harmful, more painful. CHOOSING. YOU. YOU ARE CHOOSING.

You can choose not to. 

For their health, if you actually care about it, you can choose to not create pain. To choose no action or only helpful action. Don't try to b.s. that the harassment and jeering and nastiness you're dishing out is conceived in love. You are so so so so so disgustingly full of crap and we can see it leaking on your shoes.

(Rant concludes here because I'm ranting while feeling very ill and I'm realizing the longer I go on the less coherent it feels.)

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