Saturday, January 21, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: January 14 – January 20

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday was spent with Meghan all day since she was in town for our birthdays. We hung around the house in the morning eating homemade waffles, and then later we went to the mall to see the movie Hidden Figures (which was amazing, by the way). We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's (they had a veggie burger there for me!) and bought shoes. And then at home we just hung out and chatted.
  • Sunday Meg had to get something on her car fixed so she was gone for part of the day. I made music while she was gone. Then when she got back we had fake chicken sandwiches, made a video for my asexuality channel (which I'll post next month), ate Cookie Cats, and made a cake for ourselves. The cake was tasty! And then we of course did more yakking and chilling.
  • Monday Meg had to go back home and I had to go back to work. I had a bunch of graphics work to do so I couldn't do a lot of the wrap-up stuff I had been trying to get to. I went grocery shopping on the way home, fell asleep early, and got up in the middle of the night for a wee-hours rush of productivity before going back to sleep again.
  • Tuesday was my birthday. I'm 39! I wore my Cookie Cat dress to work for fun. Jeaux came over during the work day and gave me a slice of cheesecake and a new watch as a gift, and then like five minutes later my boss came in with a chocolate cake, so I had two cakes at the same time! When I went home, Mom came over and took me out to eat at Best NY Pizza, where I got a pizza and she got a sandwich. We hung out and I opened a bunch of other presents at home, and after she left I did some reading and played around on the Internet.
  • Wednesday I got a phone call in the morning from a staffing agency that liked my profile and wanted me to sign up with them, so I made an appointment. At work I did more graphics stuff and then met up with Jeaux for Jeaux Day. He gave me another watch that was almost identical to the first watch, LOL! We ate at IHOP and watched two more episodes of the series Crazyhead, which is turning out to be good. After he left I read the rest of the book I was reading.
  • Thursday I went to the staffing agency in the morning and did the prep work for that, and then went to my current job to bust out some graphics. When I got home I had to do a typing and computer knowledge assessment online for the staffing agency, and then I chatted to Victor while drawing my comic.
  • Friday the staffing agency called me again and apparently my test scores were kind of ridiculous (I do type very fast, and got perfect scores on accuracy and spelling/grammar stuff, with only a couple items missed on the computer knowledge test), and I was told there's a place that wants to interview me. We scheduled a phone interview that was supposed to be the same day but got postponed 'til Monday. I spent the whole day at the office by myself making a file for helping my boss be able to work without me when we close, and I packed up some stuff too (but I'm nowhere NEAR done). I went home, talked to Mommy while finishing my webcomic, and relaxed a little.
    Reading progress:
      New singing performances:

      This week's performance was "All of Me" by John Legend.

      New drawings: 

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0610: "Always Yelling."

      New videos:

      My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Hands Clean" by Alanis Morissette.

      New photos:

      Cookie Cat time!
      Consumption in progress.
      Some birthday nerds excited about a cake.
      Maybe a li'l too excited?
      My birthday outfit: Cookie Cat dress.
      Two cakes??
      Cake Selfie at the office.
      "Back Together" shirt.
      Empty to-do files. ;(

      And the haircut comparison photos:

      Front, February 2014
      Front, January 2017
      Back, February 2014
      Back, January 2017

      Social Media counts:
      YouTube subscribers: 5,306 for swankivy (lost 3), 618 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 862 for swankivy (5 new), 1,327 for JulieSondra (lost 3). Facebook: 294 friends (no change) and 205 followers (no change) for swankivy, 650 likes for JulieSondra (1 new), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 127 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,500 (5 new). Instagram followers: 103 (2 new).

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