Saturday, January 7, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: December 31 – January 6

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday was New Year's Eve!! I decided to have my family over for Breakfast For Dinner in celebration, so after finishing my blogging for the day, I got cooking--literally. Made some of my mom's favorite jam cookies, and then mixed up some batter for waffles and got a bunch of stuff ready. Eventually my family showed up--Mom, Patricia, Yusuke, and Ash--and I enlisted Patricia's help making the waffles while I made a pan of eggs, some hash brown buds in the oven, some vegetarian bacon, and some sautéed mushrooms. We ate the breakfast on TV trays in the living room and had a great time horsing around and coloring. My family is so cute! My brother-in-law even did our dishes. After they left I just cooled down and chilled.
  • Sunday New Year's Day. My sister and her family flew back to San Francisco that day so I was just on my own enjoying some leftover wine (a vanishingly rare event for me) and eating a few leftovers. I got in some karaoke singing, ukulele playing, and bill-paying. :) Also worked on fan comics and updated my website for 2017.
  • Monday we had the day off at work so I spent it drawing fan comics and reviewing the year's notes so I could post a 2016 retrospective. I was a good little girl working on my tasks and then late in the evening I found out the Steven Universe episodes that were supposed to start airing on the Cartoon Network at the end of this month had been surprise-released through their mobile app, all at once. I was kinda disappointed because I love those "StevenBomb" events and had been looking forward to it, but also I couldn't exactly leave them alone because I'd get spoiled by the Internet, so I called Jeaux in a weird cartoon panic and invited him over in the middle of the night to literally watch cartoons with me at midnight! We enjoyed the hell out of ourselves and watched the last episode twice and we miiiight have talked about it 'til 5 in the morning but who's counting?
  • Tuesday was back to work. I caught up on some paperwork there, did some package mailing and grocery shopping, and applied for a bunch of jobs online.
  • Wednesday I did more paperwork and more packing up old files at the office. Then I used a gift card to take Jeaux to Carrabba's for dinner. We basically talked about cartoons the whole time and then went to my place where we watched the rest of the first season of People of Earth, which I liked. After he left I also did some job applications.
  • Thursday was more of the same at work--doing graphics for my boss and sorting through old files to see what we keep and what we purge. After I went home, Victor called me and we chatted while I drew my webcomic, and then my mom came over and hung out with me a while, letting me have some of the food my sister left behind that she won't eat. She was there a really long time chatting to me about some everyday stuff, so I didn't get to call V back. We made plans to hang out Friday night!
  • Friday I went to work early so I could do some paperwork for our traffic counters, and I got to see my friend Yasmin and got to give them a tiny traffic cone. After my boss left, we were alone just chatting for a while until they had to go and I had to finish some work. Then I went home, finished my webcomic, and Victor finally came over about 11. We made waffles, exchanged holiday gifts late, and watched cartoons. It was awesome. Also, I got my first job interview! It's next week.
    New reviews of my book:
    Reading progress:
    • Finished this week: Haven't finished any books yet this year. Teehee.
    • Currently reading: The Here and Now by Ann Brashares.
      New singing performances:

      This week's performance was "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Michell.

      New drawings: 

      First, I made this goofy Happy Birthday Amethyst for my friend Joy:

      And then I also finished a really cool Steven Universe fan comic about Pearl and younger Steven! You can view it on the blog where it's posted or click on babbu Steven to go look at the whole thing.

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0608: "Where It's Going."

      New videos:

      My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Are You Out There?" by Dar Williams.

      New photos:

      Breakfast for Dinner on New Year's Eve:

      Ash's E.T. TV tray!
      Smurf TV tray!
      Kid was coloring.
      Ash gives big hugs.
      The cookie monster.
      Ash takes a li'l rest.
      He liked my butterfly wings.
      Happy New Year!
      My New Year's Day wine.

      Here's Yasmin and their Tiny Cone of Justice.

      Victor's midnight waffles.
      Waffle selfie.

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