Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Medication

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you take any regular medication? What medication do you take when and if you do need to?

Well that's a rather personal question, isn't it survey?

Hah. Well, my answer's pretty boring. I don't take any regular medication. When I do what I'm supposed to, I do take vitamins, but those don't count.

Usually if I want to ease a headache or other pain, I like Advil. Occasionally I need a sinus headache medicine (and usually use the Sudafed brand) but I haven't needed that in a long time for some reason. I don't have any other medicines except for, like, skin creams if needed.

I'm very lucky to not require such things. For a time I was taking an anti-inflammatory medicine that was helping with some weird hip pain, but it lessened and I was told the medicine isn't good to take long-term if you want your kidney function to be preserved later in life, so I stopped taking it and I'm okay.

Also, can I consider my morning coffee medication? ;)

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