Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday gifts for 2016!

I did a bunch of holiday shopping and MOST of my gifts got to my friends and family on time. My friend R's gift wouldn't have reached Australia in time even if I'd had it in hand when I started sending out gifts, but on top of that one of the items I ordered was delayed, so I won't be able to send that until later. Then my friend Heather's present turned out to be coming from Italy (which I didn't notice), so that didn't get to me yet, and my friend Meghan's family's package needed to be sent out without one of the gifts in it because her daughter Katelyn's second present wasn't in yet. I told them I'd send it separately. :P

But!! I got a bunch of cool stuff myself and now that the gift-giving extravaganza is over, I'll show it all off!

My corporate office gave me a gift card.

Daddy gave me a gift card.
I got him a conversation card game and his partner Connie got a set of paw print bags.

Jeaux gave me a Cookie Cat hat and Steven Universe gloves.
I got him two Steven Universe shirts and a candy bar.

My boss got me a restaurant gift card.

Ronni got me a how-to art book and the Hamilton soundtrack.
I got her Disney pants, a Disney purse, and a Disney mug.

Mike gave me a science book by Richard Dawkins and a CD by Phil Collins.
I got him a shirt, a pin, and a Steven Universe toy.

R. got me some CDs, some candy, a shirt, and a cool keychain.
I can't disclose R's present because it hasn't been sent yet. :)

Kari got me a hand-made ornament with one of my characters on it and a sad waffle pendant.
I got her some fox socks.

Sister L got me a Cookie Cat mug.
I got her and her husband a fun card game and each of them got a silly keychain.

Sister P and her husband got me a votive holder, socks, hair ties, blank journals, and a gift certificate.
I got them potato and veggie spices, and got their son a TMBG DVD and some racing tracks.

Mommy got me a set of Prismacolors pencils and a donation to St. Jude's (not shown).
I got her a heating pad and an Andy Griffith calendar.

Not shown is also the gift certificate Meggie got me. I got her family a bunch of stuff: Meggie got an Eduardo charm from Foster's and Funko Pop toys of Wonder Woman and Rey; her husband Brendon got an Attack on Titan toy; her daughter got a shirt and another thing I'm not telling yet because I still have to send it; and her son got Power Rangers toys and an Iron Man hat.

I also gave my grandpa a jelly/jam set and my grandma a music notes blanket. I got my friend Libby some Avatar graphic novels, and my friend Joy got a keychain, and my friend Eric got a graphic novel, and I got my friend Sarah a set of cat lady socks and a bunch of office supplies, and I got my friend Paul a sticker and a Steven Universe figure, and I got my friend Fred a tea infuser, and my friends Cara and Jessie might not have gotten theirs yet. :o Oh and I didn't exchange gifts with Victor yet so no telling. :)

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