Monday, December 19, 2016

Day job

For those who may not have noticed in my weekend update, I've just been notified that I will no longer have a job after January because they're closing my office.

This is my day job where I work 28 hours a week. It's the best job I've ever had (though I haven't had that many because I tend to stay at jobs until I have to go for some reason), and it's going to be rough on me to find a new position after this one has fit my needs so perfectly and sort of spoiled me. They paid me more than enough to make ends meet, treated me amazingly for the most part, gave me work I was good at and was appreciated for doing, and let me pick my own schedule. (I am so spoiled now, used to coming in at noon!)

It's not the worst situation in the world, not at all. Though I would much prefer to NOT be losing my job, I am in a very good position for that to be happening. I have savings. I have a good severance package coming. I have more than a month's notice and the opportunity to leave for a new job if the new schedule demands without royally screwing the place I work now. (I'd be allowed to work through January to help close up the office and shut it down, but it's not 100% necessary for me to be involved.) So I can afford to be choosy and take a job that I like. I'm not desperate. And I'm pretty employable given that I have held this position for ten years and gotten lots of experience, plus I have computer skills and editing skills.

What's weird is how many people don't understand the concept of a day job.

I've encountered a lot of folks who act like a day job is something a person should be embarrassed of or be trying to divest oneself of. I think this is a thing in the artist community, mainly--that you "should" be making most or all of your money from your art, and if you're not, you must be pining away for the day that you will. Me? I kinda figured that I would always have a day job unless I became some ridiculous runaway bestseller. I like the stability of having a day job, and the medical benefits, and stuff like having a 401(k) and a company stock plan. I don't feel comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with doing freelance contract work as a main career or with any job that requires me to actively seek work to make sure I can pay my bills that month.

I don't have a lofty goal of "someday" being free of my day job. I mean, I'd like that. But I'm happy being in a support position so I can rest easy and keep the lights on and save for the future. I like the kind of job where I can help my supervisors or whatever and leave work at work, then go home and work on the stuff I live for.

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