Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Competition

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: How competitive are you?

Complicated question actually. I generally don't feel like I'm in competition with other people in, say, life or everyday stuff. If someone makes more money than me, got better scores than me, succeeded sooner than me, or accomplished something I can't, I really don't care. I have a pretty solid ability to separate their triumphs from mine, and recognize them as NOT in competition with me because I can ALSO succeed and I would like to be able to be genuinely happy for them.


The one place I'm competitive is in sports.

I guess that sounds weird because most people think I'm not much of a sports person, but I actually do like to play sports. And I like to win, even if it's not something I'm good at. I'll contribute to a volleyball game and get really excited about helping my side, or about beating someone's score on Dance Dance Revolution, or about achieving victory in ping-pong, or about winning a tennis game. And though I'm not a sore loser and I don't taunt others when I win (and I'm not much of a trash talker), I find games with stakes to be much more compelling. When people just want to hit the ball back and forth and not keep score, I'm impatient and I get bored. But if there's a score, I'll play harder and for far longer. I like having something to work for, and I like being the winner.

When I beat Mikey at tennis

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