Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Hermit

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Could you live as a hermit?

Yeah, sure.

I don't actively want to be a full-on hermit or anything. I like individual people in my life. But since this question is kind of implying that there's some reason I'd have to (through its use of "could" rather than "would"), I'm sure I could if there was a reason.

I'm an introvert (though not the type that is particularly shy, socially awkward, or anxious), and I don't have cravings to be with other people or loneliness that pushes me to seek out social interaction. I prefer to be home by myself, and am capable of entertaining myself easily. Some contact on the Internet is nice though. I just mostly think of that as an intellectual exchange of information more than I do as a social activity, though there are times it is that for me too.

If I had to "be a hermit," I'd probably get along better than most people, I think. 

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