Monday, March 28, 2016

Bad Fairy reader list is OPEN!

Hi readers,

In an attempt to get off my bum and start editing this book, I am now announcing a request for test readers. I have a small list already but even if you think you're on it, you might consider commenting here or contacting me privately (use the "contact" button on my blog for options) if you're not sure. If you're joining, I need an e-mail address for our communication, so your best bet is sending me an e-mail message unless you have a question.

What is this book?

Bad Fairy is a Sleeping Beauty retelling featuring the wicked fairy from the legend as the protagonist. (It is not related to anything associated with the Disney version of this tale; it draws inspiration from the older fairy tales.) This particular volume is the sequel to another book I've written which is already represented by my agent, but there's a chance this one will be published first if I get a book deal--it contains the more iconic and familiar elements of the Sleeping Beauty story everyone knows, while the previous book reads more like a prequel and ends before the princess is born.

Do I have to have read the first one?

No. In fact, I'd like my test readers to be some mixture of people who have read the first one and people who have not, so I can get some idea of whether the second book can be read without the first one. (It's very hard to be objective about that sort of thing.) If I were to have my way, the books would be published in chronological order, but if the first ends up as a prequel I'll have to deal with it. That said, if you would prefer to read the first before reading the second, I can arrange that.

What are you looking for in a test reader / what do I have to do?

Whatever you want. I'm looking for some kind of significant feedback, so I don't want "it was really good," but other than that your approach is up to you. I'm fine with it if you want to go for line edits and in-document comments. Or I'm fine with it if you want to send me e-mails with summed-up reactions and suggestions. Or anything in between.

My preferred method is to send a reader the first three chapters and wait for feedback on those before following up with the rest. This system has the following benefits:
  • I'm not sending my entire book to someone who might never give me any feedback.
  • Readers get to decide based on three chapters whether the book is for them, and only ask for more if they're enjoying it.
  • It's a bite-sized piece that isn't too overwhelming--for the reader or for me in addressing comments. 
You can decide after three chapters if you want to be sent more chapters or the entire book.

How long is it?

It's not as long as the first Bad Fairy. It's about 97,000 words/320 pages.

Can you say more about the book so we can decide if we're interested?

Here's the blurb:

Delia Morningstar, fresh out of fairy school, believes a grand destiny awaits her. But nobody wants to hire a precocious know-it-all with spooky interests and half-human ancestry. When her last efforts to find a home for her passion end in disaster, Delia's off on her own . . . investigating the land of the dead.  Because that's what dark fairies do for fun.

Determined to secretly meddle in the affairs of those who rejected her--for their own good--Delia uses her afterlife connections to help the king and queen of her kingdom conceive the child they've always wanted. But she didn't count on the connection she would have with that princess, and a few sloppy decisions bring the blame for cursing the baby down on Delia's head. Faced with the wrath of her old enemies the three good fairies, Delia may have to undertake extreme measures to stay alive long enough to save the princess from death. . . . 

Appropriately creepy doodle of Delia
drawn for me by Tumblr artist soapybacon
Hope to hear from some of you soon.


  1. I definitely want to read it! And I love your three-chapters-first approach. I think I will do that with beta readers from now on too. I can't wait to read it! (This is Heather Head, in case it's not obvious from my profile/avatar/orwhatever that shows up when I publish this comment--I'm never quite sure.)

    1. Yep, I recognize curiositycat but I'm glad you specified. :) Nice! I'll send you three chapters and you can let me know if you want another three or the rest of the book after that.

  2. *crashes through your window*


    Uh. Same email address as always :D I figured you you might still have it? You sent me a short story through it a while ago; it's still the same email listed on my Blogger profile, under Contact Me.

    Still need me to send you the email address just in case? Lemme know--I don't wanna overwhelm you if you already have it xD

    Ahhh. This is so exciting :D

    1. Thanks, got it covered. I'll send you three chapters soonish. I'm so glad you're so pumped--I am too!

  3. Count me in, if you're willing. I'm not the quickest of readers, but three chapters for the initial installment shouldn't be too intimidating X)

    1. I don't need quick--been sitting on it this long, and I finished it months ago.

    2. I'm in! Three chapters to:

  4. You probably don't know me since I'm one of your more silent followers but if that's okay, I would be really interested in Bad Fairy! :D So if you still need readers, here's one:

    1. Hi EveMoon, that's great--I don't mind if you're one of the more "silent" followers. If you're willing to look at it, I'll be willing to send it. :) Look for my e-mail!