Monday, February 9, 2015

All the birthday gifts

Seems (again) a tad late since my birthday was January 17, but yeah, it took a while for some of these gifts to get here. :)

Behold! The parade of material possessions that others have showered me with to make me think they like me!

Heart CDs from Dad!

More presents from Dad: A Fleetwood Mac CD, Steven Gould's
book Exo, Rainbow Rowell's book Landline, and Francesca Lia
Block's book Beyond the Pale Motel.

A hat that says "swanky" from Gray.

A shirt that mocks the "teach the controversy" thing, from Jeaux.

Also, Jeaux bought me Gail Nall's book Breaking the Ice.

Jessie got me Living With Intensity edited by Daniels and Piechowski.

A Michael's gift card from Kari!

A tin of stroopwafels from Meggie.

Mike sent me Dawkins's book Unweaving the Rainbow and some barrettes.

Mommy got me cozy socks and some jojoba oil.

Sister P bought me a Dar Williams CD and the Vegan Cookies cookbook!

R got me stuff to suggest I am secretly a gay and/or trans man.
Athletic garments and a shirt, pride necklaces, gay movies,
Weekend movie, and the book f2m the boy within by
Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy.

Ronni got me the two Jaclyn Moriarty books from the Madeleine series!!

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