Saturday, January 24, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: January 17 – January 23

Life news this week: 
  • The big thing this week was of course BIRTHDAY TRIP! And I am now 37. I spent part of the week vacationing in Cape Coral with Meghan, whose birthday is two days after mine, and we did a ton of movie-watching and food-eating. It's nice to have a vacation that isn't about constant runaround--just down time and relaxing. It was great.
  • We also saw a musical, which was The Book of Mormon. We enjoyed it!
  • My mom seems to have recovered from her food poisoning nonsense, but other mishaps plagued our vacation too. Meg's husband fell and had to get stitches on his eyebrow. I tripped over my pants in the kitchen and bashed my knee again--the same one I fell on in the parking lot last week. Meg's car got towed from my apartment complex. And annoying publishing-world stuff happened.
  • Jeaux Day was Wednesday, but I was late to it because of having to work late. We ate at Moe's and listened to Night Vale podcast and watched Galavant, and I managed to get us tickets for the Night Vale live show that is coming to my area in April!
  • One of my friends got a book deal so that is pretty damn amazing.
  • In other bookish news, I bought my friend Kippur's newly released book and you should too. The Tropes of Fantasy Fiction!
New reviews of my book:
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                              New singing performances:

                              Here I'm singing "Holiday" by Madonna, because I just went on holiday and it seemed appropriate.

                              New drawings:

                              Webcomic Negative One Issue 0506: "Watching for Signs."

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                              None this week.

                              New photos:  

                              Wine was left for us in the home we rented for no apparent reason. (We didn't drink it.)
                              My very pink birthday photo.
                              Kitchen wenches battle it out!

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                              1. Kippur's book is out? O.O I hadn't heard about that for agessss. I can't wait to read it xD

                                1. Yes I know! I just bought it and it will be here soon. It's funny how we both write fiction but got nonfic published first. :D