Monday, January 5, 2015

Blog in Psychology Today

I have nothing real to say right now except that I did the thing.

Psychology Today: Asexuality and the Health Professional

This is my first Psychology Today blog entry, and I decided to cover the importance of health professionals being informed about asexuality so they don't inadvertently damage or inappropriately treat their asexual clients.

And at the time I'm posting this, there haven't been too many comments yet, but of course one of the first was a man zeroing in on one casual mention I made of "compromise" in relationships and went into detail about how if any woman expects a non-asexual man to compromise on sex, it will fail, because men with average libido must be given sex. Therefore, the ONLY option for an asexual person who wants a male partner is to either date an asexual man or "learn to like sex." Period.


Guess the lady who's actually spent a ton of time talking to people who are IN THESE KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS and don't consider sex to be THE defining aspect of the relationship wouldn't know anything about that, and needs to be condescendingly told that I have to understand men need sex and cannot be expected to compromise at all, you know, because that attitude isn't the exact one I'm talking about getting rid of and applying to everyone across the board or anything.

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