Saturday, January 17, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: January 10 – January 16

Life news this week: 
  • I spent last weekend drawing, reading, making videos, eating tasty food, and getting a ton of stuff done. I was very productive, especially on Sunday!
  • I finally turned my latest novel in to my agent. She's reading it now and I guess soon I'll know whether she liked it and if she wants to represent it. It will feel really weird to have a new book on submission.
  • Got BIRTHDAY PRESENTS from Mommy, Ronni, Daddy, and Jeaux!
  • Monday I released a blog interview of my friend and crit partner J.C. Fann and did a bunch of stuff online to draw attention to it. I hope it caused a little bump in sales from the attention--and that better yet, more readers will find something they love!
  • Tuesday I spent a restaurant gift certificate I got for a holiday gift on taking my mom to Carrabba's. We had a good time except she seems to have gotten food poisoning and spent the rest of the week sick. I hope she gets better soon. :(
  • Jeaux Day was Wednesday, as always. Jeaux bought me Gail's book (Gail is a Pitch Wars pal) and we ate at Best NY Pizza. Then at my place we watched two more episodes of Galavant and listened to the Night Vale episode we didn't get a chance to hear last week. And we found out they're actually finally coming to Florida! We might get to go to one of their live shows! YES NIGHT VALE!!! We'll see if I can slide in and get tickets when they go on sale. Supposedly tickets sell out in like under an hour.
  • Thursday was kind of a bummer day--I had to ride my bike in the rain after dark to go buy things that might help Mom feel better and help her keep herself hydrated, and got my sister to take the stuff over to her, and then I fell down in the parking lot while picking up my mail and scraped my knee.
  • And Friday I didn't have to go to work because IT IS BIRTHDAY VACATION TIME! I spent Friday morning packing and panicking because I hate packing. Really really hate it. But I just didn't have time to do it the night before because I was finishing Negative One and it turned out to need 14 frames instead of the usual 10. Trust me to plan a long issue for a night when I have a time crunch.
  • I got to begin my vacation with Meggie driving to Cape Coral and getting into our rental home with no hiccups. We went out for a celebratory pizza, went grocery shopping to stock the house for our vacation festivities (we'll be here Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, leaving Tuesday), and watched The LEGO Movie after we got home. I hadn't seen it and wasn't disappointed. :)
New reviews of my book:
            • Nobody loves me this week.
                        Places featured:
                          • Gail's post on Kidliterati showed off several photos she got of her book "in the wild" during release week, and the picture I tweeted was one of them.
                              Reading progress:

                              New singing performances:

                              Here I'm singing "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.

                              New drawings:

                              Webcomic Negative One Issue 0505: "A Word About Me."

                              Webcomic So You Write Issue 44: "Always a Hobby."

                              New videos:

                              I published Not-So-Frequently Asked Submission Questions, which is all about questions authors might have while on submission to publishers. 

                              New photos:  

                              I ate cellophane noodles while wearing glasses and . . . they fogged up.
                              Here's me with Gail's book, Breaking the Ice!
                              Here's me with Meggie in the pizza restaurant at the start of our birthday vacation!
                              Meg with her pizza. (We shared that pie and ate it!)
                              Me with pizza. It was a cheese pizza with mushrooms!
                              Back in the vacation home, it's sweatpants o'clock.

                              And finally, the monthly haircut comparison photos:

                              Back, February 2014
                              Back, January 2015
                              Front, February 2014
                              Front, January 2015

                              Social media counts:YouTube subscribers: 4,254 for swankivy (20 new this week), 429 for JulieSondra (1 new). Twitter followers: 602 for swankivy (1 new), 815 for JulieSondra (3 new). Facebook: 273 friends (no change) and 156 followers (no change) for swankivy, 509 likes for JulieSondra (lost one--someone unliked me lol), 54 likes for Negative One (no change), 91 likes for So You Write (1 new). Tumblr followers: 1,782 (1 new).

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                              1. Happy birthdayyyyy :D Hope you have a great week!