Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday gift post 2014!

This probably seems a bit late, but I was waiting for some late gifts. :)

Guess what I got for my Hanukkah/Christmas/Yuletide gifts??

Lunch bag and drink holder from Daddy. He also gave me money. :)

A nice gift card from my company's president.

From Heather: Custom coffee cup with my own art from So You Write on it!

From Jay: Wild Cards books 2 and 3, because I liked #1!

From Jeaux: Shirt with a Fire Nation reference on it and Night Vale Girl Scout pins.

From my boss: restaurant gift card!

From Mike: Two books (both sequels to books I loved), holiday socks, a Yoda stocking, and candy!

From Mommy: slippers.

Also from Mommy: a new mattress!

From Whitney: Adorable I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You book! So true!

From Natalka: Bag of goodies! Coffee and coffee-dippable foodz.

From Sister Patricia and Brother-in-Law Yusuke: A new journal and a sweater with baby Ash's footprint on it!

From R: Music and books and a framed photo.

From Ronni: Texts From Jane Eyre book! YES!

From Victor and Tia: Science cookbook, graphic novel, candle, coffee gift set, movies, and black licorice!
From Kari: Gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants!

From Meggie: Money card! FREE MONEY! I spent it already lol.
I have such great friends and family, don't I?