Monday, March 10, 2014

30-Week Blog Challenge Week 27: Your Bag

I'm back with the Monday blog challenge! The lady in charge is Marie at Mom Gets Real. The questions are right here:


And Week 27's prompt is . . .


Let's see, then.

Behold, my bag.
It is festooned with buttons. The ones on the sides that you cannot see include an asexual/aromantic heart button and a button with cake on it. On the front I have a Mockingjay pin, a GIR pin, and two Adventure Time pins (featuring characters BMO and Marceline).

What's in it??

Glad you asked.

Exhibit A, officer
  • Keys (with Captain Underpants keychain, yes)
  • Various ID cards
  • Various credit cards and gift cards
  • Hello Kitty change purse
  • Hello Kitty wallet (contains more ID, business cards, and debit card)
  • Stamps
  • USB drives holding my writing projects
  • Sparkly Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  • Various hair ties
  • Hairbrush with Yakko Warner from Animaniacs on it
  • Three lip gloss tubes (uh, how did that happen?)
  • Crystal Lite water flavorer
  • Reusable bags for when I shop
  • Tissues and moist towelette
  • Adventure Time sunglasses
  • Colorful and interestingly shaped paperclips and binders, with rubber bands
  • A pen
  • Several buttons I threw inside because a) they fell off or b) I was afraid they were going to offend someone at a meeting I was at, as one depicts a middle finger and one says "Yes, I am a famous writer, now buy my goddamn book"
  • Zipper pouch of medicine
  • Hello Kitty notepad
  • Hello Kitty card holder (containing homemade business cards)
And now you know too much.


  1. very cool, i love seeing what's in your bag. you really love hello kitty, haha :)

    1. Weirdly enough I'm not any kind of huge Hello Kitty fan but I used to work at a place where they sold the merchandise so I got it for very cheap with my employee discount!

  2. so awesome that you're going the distance with this challenge. i gave up a long time ago. i really enjoyed this entry. i love seeing what's in people's bags!

    1. I'm really good at finishing things I start, haha. :D