Saturday, November 2, 2013

Newsletter / Mailing List

Hello kidses.

I'm just stopping by to let you know that I started a mailing list / newsletter thing over on MailChimp so people who want to know about book-related news can sign up:

It's not a spammy sort of thing; it's just to give people who express interest in my books a chance to get the news delivered to their e-mail and that way I don't have to keep track of everybody myself. I've been promising all along to notify certain people when there's publishing news, but not all of them are reading my blogs, signing up for feeds, or subscribing to me on YouTube/following me on Twitter, so I want this to be a place for people who want to make sure they don't miss it.

I will also be using it to let people know how the process is going and invite them to participate in special stuff related to releases. This is especially relevant for the asexuality book that's currently in consideration for publication; I have SO MUCH SUPPORT from the asexual community and it would be really difficult for me to keep track of all these people. I'll still be posting blog info, tweeting, all that, but since people fade in and out of the blogosphere and may or may not still be around when I have something to say, I thought this would be a good way to include them.

I may also ask newsletter subscribers to act as a street team if they want to; promotional materials and ways they can help my books get out there will probably be linked in the updates when I have anything to advertise, but I won't be beating you over the head with "buy my book!" messages. It just so happens that many people in the asexual community have desperately wanted an asexuality-related book to exist for a long time, so they are sometimes personally invested in the success of my book and will want to help all they can to get it out there. Even though I am not self-publishing, traditionally published authors still have to do plenty of their own promotion, and I'm happy to include people who want to help.

So, if you wanna, sign up for the newsletter. I will not be sending out silly messages to it and I will not be using it often, so you don't have to worry about getting bothered to death. And of course, as an individual and not a corporation, I'm not interested in trying to sell your name.

Thanks for all the love and interest. ;)

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