Monday, November 4, 2013

30-Week Blog Challenge Week 9: Pet Peeves

I'm back with the Monday blog challenge! The lady in charge is Marie at Mom Gets Real. The questions are right here:


And Week 9's prompt is . . .


Ooh! I have a few of those!

As a word nerd, one of my biggest pet peeves is poorly written, poorly spelled, or mispunctuated language. Of course, if I weren't so sensitive to it, I probably wouldn't be any good at my job--freelance editing requires a hatred for misplaced apostrophes and misused words that knows no bounds!

Another pet peeve is when people exploit the anonymity of the Internet to be RAGING jackasses.

I have been on the business end of someone's GIFT behavior (link NSFW) more times than I want to count, and it's maddening and frustrating. The pleasure some people take in hurting someone else just because they don't have to deal with any social consequences is just really disheartening and sad.

Another pet peeve:

I hate accidentally consuming onions. Or when people who KNOW there are onions in something answer "no" when I say "does this have onions?" Because then I will accidentally consume onions. And the world will be over.

I hate when people (mostly men) think it's okay to call me "baby" or "hey sexy."

And I hate, hate, hate when people try to force me to interact with their pets. I don't want to pet your dog or hold your cat I really, really don't. It's one thing if they don't realize their pet is bothering me or if I haven't told them I'd like to not be jumped on by excited dogs or shed on by love-seeking cats (I'm allergic!). But when these animal-owning humans try to shame me for not liking their pets, or criticize me for not using the right training words to make them leave me alone, or think it's funny when I can't get their dog to stop sticking its nose in my crotch, I am prone to RRRAAAAAAAGE.

And lastly, I hate when I say I'm vegetarian or that I'm asexual, and people immediately get defensive and give me the "so you hate fun?" or "so you think you're better than me?" lines. MY EATING CHOICES AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION AREN'T ABOUT YOU. THEY ARE NOT ABOUT MAKING YOU FEEL BAD, NOR SHOULD THEY FUNCTION AS COMMENTARY ON YOUR LIFE. THE END. NOT ABOUT YOU. 'KAY BYE.


  1. Boy, I wish men called me by "Hey sexy."

    It's kinda like when you get carded for drinks--which doesn't really happen anymore. Of course then again I wonder what's wrong with that person's eyes. :)

    Seriously though, I have to agree with you on that one.

  2. Yeah. I'm thirty-five and still getting carded. And actually earlier this year I tried to go to a karaoke bar and they asked for my ID (but not my friend's; he's younger than I am, but bearded, so I guess he's a grown up). Then the guy scrutinized my ID and said "I can't let you in." He claimed it was because the ID was expired. I didn't think you have to have an in-date learner's permit to be allowed in a bar, but I'm assuming he just believed there was no possible way I was thirty-five and figured that was the best way of turning me away for what he thought was obvious fakery. (We had to go to a different place for karaoke because they refused to let me in.)