Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Stood up

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Have you ever been stood up?

Stood up. Well, in the traditional sense, no, not really. I don't date so I've never had a situation where I arranged a date with someone and then they didn't come.

I've had a few things where I arranged to meet up with someone and they canceled at the last minute or the same day.

Mostly my situations with someone never showing up have been stuff like a repair person or delivery person who promises they are coming and never comes, or--I'm afraid--my mom, who sometimes doesn't show up to things (or shows up very, very late). I wouldn't classify those as "being stood up" incidents.

I feel like I've had the experience of waiting for someone and having them never show up, though. I can't think of when. Surely in the days before texting was a thing. 

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