Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Phone Calls

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What are your thoughts on receiving or making phone calls?

I'm pretty neutral about phone calls. Some of my friends have major anxiety over calling strangers, or even calling friends and family, so they prefer to communicate in e-mail or text. Truth be told, I'd rather communicate in text, unless I want a conversation--in cases of conversation, I would much rather talk it out than type it out.

At work, I'd rather e-mail someone to get information than have to call them, but if I have to call them it's no big deal. I do know people who need to rehearse what they're going to say or even have it written down before they call, and they get off the phone as quickly as possible. Me? Not really. I think I used to hate it more than I do now. I've really gotten used to being able to think on the fly and not say the wrong thing or get frozen up, though I'm familiar enough with that feeling from my shy days that I completely sympathize with people who struggle with it now (or have other issues I never had).

For socializing, especially with long-distance pals, I don't mind phone calls. I can and will stay on the phone for hours, but there are also people I don't talk to on the phone often. Jeaux and I hardly ever use the phone to voice-chat. (Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that I see him every week.) But then my mom and I live in the same town and usually see each other around once a week too, and we're still prone to marathon phone conversations. And my friend Victor continues a tradition of calling me once a week while I'm drawing my webcomic, even though now he lives in my city and can see me regularly. (We don't see each other as regularly as I see Mom or Jeaux, but still frequently enough.) And I definitely call and talk to Meghan and sometimes my dad.


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