Saturday, June 17, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: June 10 – June 16

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday was a bunch of catch-up work. I also colored my doodles of my toys that I did the previous night. Jeaux's niece had a baby so he has a new family member: Olivia Jean! Cute little baby. I also listed some of my duplicate toys for sale on eBay. And two of them sold!
  • Sunday I did music and went to my mom's to help her hang pictures. (She wants to put Ash's art in them.) I prepared my eBay packages for the person who bought my toys (and drew a cute little card to go in the package). At mom's I ate tater tots and hung out with her, and later wrote a long analysis post about a cartoon character that became pretty popular.
  • Monday was back to work and they had a ton of work for me to do on a set of plans. So I was busy and the day went by quickly! But I was also feeling pretty ill and it was gross. I still had the energy to go grocery shopping, but I was tired when I got home and didn't get anything done really after that.
  • Tuesday we found out my office won a big contract so we're very happy. I worked on those plans more and reviewed a book online. I got a little drawing done.
  • Wednesday I had a late day at the office (late arrival, late departure). Worked on the plans all day and then met Jeaux for food at Pei Wei. It was rainy. There was a weird incident on the bus with two guys trying to fight each other. (One of them threatened to knock the other's teeth out, to which he responded "I ain't got no teeth!") After Jeaux left my house, I fell asleep.
  • Thursday I had a bunch to do with sending documents to people at work. On the way home the bus I was riding was in a little accident, sort of--we had to stop really fast and people went flying into the aisles. A couple people had to leave on an ambulance. Darn. (I was fine.) At home I drew comics and talked to Victor. I had to pack quickly before going to bed because my dad was picking me up from work the next day to go out of town--we laid plans really last-minute and it was a bit of a crunch!
  • Friday I got a paid ride to work because I didn't want to lug everything for my overnight on the bus. There wasn't much for me to do that day so it wasn't much of an active day. My dad picked me up and I got to see my aunt! We went to my dad's house in Sarasota and had some food Connie made (I even ate brussels sprouts!) and some delicious pie. Mostly we just hung out chatting and it was a good time.

    New reviews of my book:

        Reading progress:
        • Finished this week:  Avatar: The Rift: Volume 1 by Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko. Five-star review.
        • Finished this week: Make Art! (On Purpose) from Cartoon Network Books. Four-star review.
        • Currently reading: The Ancestor's Tale by Richard Dawkins.
          New singing performances:

          This week I performed "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon.


          New drawings: 

          A little card I put in the package for the person who bought my eBay toys.

          Webcomic Negative One Issue 0631: "Life in the Silence."

          New videos:

          My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Lapis Lazuli" and its expanded reprise "Wailing Stone" from Steven Universe. It's a song that gets reused for a different purpose in the same episode, first sung by Steven and then sung by Greg, his dad.

          New photos:

          I colored the drawings of my toys that I drew the day before.
          Someone asked a question about my book so I sent this
          picture with my response.

          Ready for adventure with my trusty cheeseburger backpack.

          And the haircut comparison photos:

          Front, February 2014
          Front, June 2017
          Back, February 2014
          Back, June 2017

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