Saturday, February 18, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: February 11 – February 17

Life news this week: 

  • This week was the opposite of last week in that I didn't get ANY interviews! Haha. I did get a couple phone calls about potential interviews, but one never resulted in a follow-up and one was for a job that was wrong for me for a few reasons. But I did get one offer that I'm seriously considering and may accept next week as soon as I have a little more info.

  • Saturday involved blogging, drawing and inking the comic I've been planning for months, and applying for jobs. I also made a really cute post on Tumblr involving some character screenshots and the Internet LOVED it. I got a few hundred notes on it and enjoyed reading through them.

  • Sunday I woke up to THOUSANDS of notes on the character screenshot post. This sounds silly but it was very entertaining to see so many people excited about how cute it was. I started getting dozens of new followers because of the post, which made me think maybe I'd actually have an audience to care once I got around to posting this comic I'd been working on so painstakingly.

  • I spent Sunday doing music stuff like I usually do, and also some sketches--all fan art. I made a doodle to post when the blog hit 200 followers, and got to post it that night. And I did some job applications.

  • Monday my only "work" was going to the grocery store. I drew, talked to Mom on the phone, did job applications, and talked to my apartment complex manager about my noisy neighbors. (I've tried this before, but the previous manager did nothing. Maybe this new one will.)
  • Tuesday I did more job applications and got the one phone call about a job that isn't right for me. I colored and posted a Valentine's drawing featuring fanart. I finished up some edits on Bad Fairy 2, went to my mom's house to help her move a table and let her feed me (lentil soup left over from my sister's visit, plus corn), and FINALLY sent the manuscript to my agent.

  • Wednesday I got woken up by a telemarketer, hung around doing applications and drawing, organized my sock drawer, and met Jeaux for McAlister's grilled cheese. We chilled at my house and I did some sewing and some drawing, and he and I watched a recorded livestream of Kat Morris drawing. After he left I finally finished my inking for the comic I've been planning forever. It's 12 full pages.

  • Thursday I basically spent the whole day cleaning my fan comic up for the Internet. I learned an AWESOME new technique for making talk bubbles that really look like comics, though I want to use a better font next time. I drew an episode preview drawing for the next day's cartoon, wrote a storyboard for my webcomic, and talked to Victor on the phone while drawing the webcomic.

  • Friday I applied for jobs, processed my webcomic and posted it, and went to Jeaux's house for new Steven Universe and new Night Vale. Jeaux bought me french fries from PDQ so I ate them and hung out discussing the new episode for a bit until I went home. I did some more processing on the fan comic but decided I was afraid to post it on Tumblr for now so I just hid it on my website. I'll post it on Tumblr later.

  • I also got a job offer in my e-mail on Friday. It's for one of the places I interviewed last week and there are a lot of things I like about it but I want to make sure I don't decide too hastily. I have to consider benefits, location, whether I can do/will like the job, and the other positions that are in the works (especially one I qualified for after a long test). But I'll do some research in the coming week and make my decision soon.
    New reviews of my book:

    Interviews, Features, Mentions:
    Reading progress:
    • Finished this week: I just did a bunch of arting instead of reading. I will definitely read this coming week, though.
    • Currently reading: Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel.
      New singing performances:

      This week's performance was "Criminal" by Fiona Apple.

      New drawings: 

      Buckle up, there are a ton of them.

      Happy Eyes Garnet for my 200th follower, with partial digital coloring

      Valentine's Day with the Gems, say it with me now, awwww
      Episode doodle for "Storm in the Room," drawn in Prismacolors
      that my mom gave me for my holiday gift!
      If you would like to read the comic I planned for four months and spent an inordinate amount of my time on this week, you can do so if you click the image below. But please be advised that a) it contains significant spoilers for Steven Universe, so if you want to watch the show but never have, you don't want to look at this AT ALL!!; and b) I assure you it makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE to people who do not watch the show and just basically sounds like a bunch of raving gobbledygook? But if you like the show and are caught up, you will probably really like this vignette about Opal and Garnet having a chat at night on the beach.

      Disclaimers aside, please read "Vacation."  

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0614: "Follow the Fantasy."

      New videos:

      My latest unlisted ukulele video is "The Hardest Part" by Coldplay.

      New photos:

      Snapshot of my doodle of Garnet that I did for hitting 200 followers on my side blog.
      Preparing for a feelsy Rose Quartz episode by wearing a Rose Quartz shirt

      And the haircut comparison photos (holy wow 3 years!):

      Front, February 2014
      Front, February 2017
      Back, February 2014
      Back, February 2017

      Social Media counts:
      YouTube subscribers: 5,294 for swankivy (lost 3), 616 for JulieSondra (2 new). Twitter followers: 848 for swankivy (lost 4), 1,319 for JulieSondra (lost 6). Facebook: 293 friends (no change) and 205 followers (no change) for swankivy, 652 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 127 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,496 (lost 2). Instagram followers: 102 (lost 1).

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