Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Video Games

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What are your favorite video games?

Aw, my answer's gonna be kinda boring because I don't really play video games much.

My favorite video game at the moment is Dance Dance Revolution. That would have been my answer if you'd asked me ten years ago, too.

I love playing DDR and was super obsessed with it when I first discovered it. My friend Mike sort of dared me to get on the machine at a bowling alley one day when I had never played before, and it was like I was instantly bewitched and wanted to play again and again. I downloaded a simulator so I could pretend to play in my living room even though I didn't have a dance pad or a system, and then I ended up getting it for a home setup and getting really good.

My friends and I had a DDR party once at my friend Mandy's house! I had a great time.

There's me and Joy!
I even once made a cheesy video about how to play the game, with some demonstrations of me playing hard songs.


Besides DDR, though, I've had fun playing Bejeweled Blitz through Facebook--for a while I did that so much that I ended up spending New Year's Eve just playing it, and just decided to quit cold turkey one day because it's so addictive and not at all productive. (One of my friends on there was always playing too and we would always be trying to beat each other.) And because I'm obsessed with Steven Universe, I played the couple mobile games they've released. Attack the Light is a lot of fun, and Soundtrack Attack is a really cute game but I'm having trouble with it because my phone lags playing it after a few songs so I can't play it long at once. (The lagging is a big problem if it's a rhythm game.)

Attack the Light!
Soundtrack Attack!

Oh! And I like Rock Band. But I'm not very experienced or good at it. I like playing drums the best, but I can do the guitar. (Weirdly enough, the Rock Band bit I am least interested in is the singing.)


I have not actually played the game Undertale, but it was very popular among my friends, so I watched an entire playthrough on YouTube and really enjoyed the story and interaction. So I guess I kinda consider myself an Undertale fan too. I would also never play Portal because I'd be lost actually trying to navigate--I'm terrible with navigation and spacial relations, even in fictional settings--but I am infinitely amused by GLaDOS from that game and that has also caused me to watch an entire playthrough.

When I was in college I loved playing Bubble Bobble Bust-A-Move. My friend Mike and I played in the arcades alllll the time (to the point that I gave him arcade coins for his birthday once). It's very similar to Bejeweled Blitz so I'm not surprised I was kinda addicted to both.

When I was in high school, my friends and I were obsessed with going to the bowling alley and playing the X-men fighting game. I used to play as Storm and beat the crap out of people. (Though my boyfriend would play as Wolverine, play really dirty, and then do things like kicking my ass and then saying "You can start trying anytime now." What an ass.) I liked other fighting games then too. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were a lot of fun. And in middle school I really liked the Mario games. I was really good at 1, 2, and 3. (Super Mario World kinda lost me though. I never played much once the Super Nintendo came out.)

But I can safely say that my very first beloved video game was Ms. Pac-Man. When I was five I was so obsessed with playing Ms. Pac-Man! I wanted to play it all the time, but of course we did not have an Atari so I had to be content with playing at the skating rink or the Showbiz Pizza. I played it so much that I gave myself a blister once. And then wanted to make a Pac-Man glove so I could be cool and protect my hand. (It never happened but it was an idea I had.) 

I guess you could say I've dabbled in video game stuff my whole life but have never really crossed the line into what you'd call a gamer. It's enough for me, though! I've got plenty of other things to do. :P 

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