Saturday, July 9, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: July 2 – July 8

Life news this week: 
  • This week was much better than the last couple weeks, though my friend Victor is STILL in the hospital. (He should get out next week and is doing better and got a really awesome job for when he gets out too!)
  • Saturday I finished a pretty involved book and wrote a pretty involved review, and after that I did some research on missing packages and got all sulky over cool stuff I ordered not being here yet. Also wrote a video script and some reviews of merchandise I'd bought.
  • Sunday felt more like Saturday because it was a holiday weekend! I woke up to a knock at the door which was an Amazon delivery--they deliver on Sundays, who knew. And it was Steven Universe tie-in books! Which I spent the morning reading and reviewing and enjoying! I made weird embarrassing noises while reading them. I really did. Finally I got around to Sunday stuff like laundry, karaoke, and writing the rest of the video I was planning. And finally redecorated with my summer decorations.
  • Monday I spent the majority of the holiday day off filming a video for my asexuality channel. It required me to impersonate myself from eight years ago and I did so wearing the same clothes as I'd worn then. I've gained twenty pounds since then so you do the math, eheheh. I also talked to my sister P, and my friend Sarah briefly, and my dad super briefly too. And I edited my video a lot but didn't get done.
  • Tuesday was not Monday. Heh. After work I grocery shopped and hung out with Mom. She brought corn over and I ate a LOT of corn. And did some drawings. She didn't stay the night though--just left around 3 AM.
  • Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment that went fine and I have a referral to another specialist. Ehh. After work I met Jeaux for IHOP and opened my new toy set which arrived in the mail and was hiding in the apartment office even though the notes lied to me and said it should be in a parcel locker. I was trying to get all 8 figures from a blind bag toy set, but I only got 7 out of the 8. Not bad for only buying 10 and getting some duplicates. Jeaux and I also watched Supercon clips from some of our favorite voice actors, and after he left I talked to Victor on the phone. He was in a pretty good mood for a guy in the hospital. I got some drawings done and chatted with him for a good long time.
  • Thursday my brain got exploded because some Steven Universe preview clips were released (yikes, the clip from the upcoming musical episode! yikes, a new character!), and then after work I met my friend Meghan and her daughter Katelyn for Sweet Tomatoes food. Then we picked up Jeaux and went to see Welcome to Night Vale on tour, which was awesome, and after we ended up at IHOP. Katelyn and Meg slept over to avoid driving back to Jacksonville, and I stayed up watching cartoon stuff and drawing.
  • Friday I worked, and after work I went shopping for a gift for a friend and also picked up a few more of the blind bag toys, but I STILL did not get the figure I needed to complete my set! So I found someone online who wants to trade for one of my extras, and now I'm happy. :) I wrapped my friend's present and finished my comic and posted it, and then tried to finish captioning my video and posting it FINALLY.
    New reviews of my book:

    Interviews, Features, Mentions:
    Reading progress:
      New singing performances:

      Here I'm singing "A Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel.


      New drawings:

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0582: "Fix Itself."

      New videos:

      Here's my new video on my asexuality channel: Addressing Mistakes in My Asexuality Activism.

      New photos: 
      New toy set, missing little Peridot, awww.
      Friends at Night Vale show! Katelyn, Meghan, Jeaux.

      Cecil Palmer and Intern Jeffrey. And Disparition on music.
      (Played by Cecil Baldwin and Jeffrey Cranor.)
      Pamela Winchell and Cecil Palmer.
      (Played by Desiree Burch and Cecil Baldwin.)
      Night Vale cast at the end. Meg Bashwiner as Deb, Cecil Baldwin
      as Cecil, Desiree Burch as Pamela, Jeffrey Cranor as Intern Jeffrey,
      and musical guest/weather Erin McKeown.
      Meg was surprised by her fancy coffee. We laughed at her
      surprise for a good minute and a half.
      Jeaux and me after the show. He's wearing his Strex shirt.
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