Saturday, April 23, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: April 16 – April 22

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I did all my biz like a boss. I did some pre-sketches for Drink and Draw and got my blogging done before Eric picked me up for the event. Then it turned out he was interested in my opinion on a graphic novel and wanted me to talk about it on his podcast the next day, so I read the graphic novel at the event and STILL got all my drawings done for the next So You Write (which is going to be TWICE as long as usual because it's a multiple-of-ten issue, which means I did EIGHT drawings instead of FOUR). And then he fell asleep on my couch after, and I went in my room and wrote a review for the book and watched cartoons. Sweet day!
  • Sunday I watched some cartoons and talked to my sister and did some laundry. And then it was time for the podcast, which is called Handsome Boys, and we discussed The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks and, as Eric says, solved racism forever.
  • Monday was kinda poopy. Busy day at work and had to wrangle some tax stuff for my mommy. Argh. But I found out the book The Answer has a cover, which turned out to be really cute and made me all happy.
  • Tuesday was work and Mom Day again, though Mommy didn't come until much later than anticipated. It's really fun that my mom is a night owl like me. We were eating spring rolls at 4 AM, I swear. And I got a bunch of my comic done, helped her with online stuff, and watched cartoons a little bit. She also randomly washed my dishes. (!!)
  • Wednesday was Jeaux Day and we had Five Guys food and goofed off and forgot to listen to Night Vale, so we'll have to cram it in next week. Also I tried to go to Target with Mom in the morning but they didn't have anything I wanted so I got up early for nothing. Boo! Oh, and also I found out my friend Corinne had her baby and all is well! YAY! So cute.
  • Thursday I had a lot of work at work, went shopping after getting off work, and came home to pack for going out of town for my grandpa's 95th birthday. (Since I was getting picked up right after work, I needed to pack the night before.) Also finished my comic.
  • Friday I worked a short day and got picked up by my dad to go to Sarasota! I left work early and met up with my grandpa and aunt at my grandpa's house, and we went out for dinner at a really nice place where I had a baked potato and mushroom dish. He got a special slice of cake for his 95th birthday. And I gave him a cool plant for a present. Oh and I found out Steven Universe is coming back earlier than expected (May 12!!!), and tried not to flip out because HONESTLY I AM A DIGNIFIED PERSON YOU SEE. *snort*
  • Also I found out late on Friday that a podcast recorded a long time ago discussing my book was finally released online. Hooray!
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      New singing performances:

      Here I'm singing "What U Own" from Rent.


      New drawings:

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0571: "A Mirror There."

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      New photos: 

      My usual Drink and Draw selfie, with poster by Christian.
      Eric holding one of his creepier Drink and Draw posters.
      Some of the Drink and Draw crowd doing their thing.
      Another angle of Drink and Draw stuff, now with Action Eric.
      I took this silly picture of my toys because my Pearl figure keeps falling again and I think it's kinda cute how she needs to be steadied by a sturdier Gem.
      My grandpa's 95th birthday happened at a restaurant where they gave him a giant spoon to eat his cake.

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