Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Dreams

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What's the last dream you can remember having?

Wow, I'm about to make myself sound really insecure.

I had a dream that I was in an art class for some reason and I was singled out as the one person who didn't have enough artistic ability to be in the class. Haha.

Everyone else there was a "real" artist and the instructor (who was an older man with a really condescending disposition) came up to me during class and kept making comments about how my work was a good example of someone who thinks they're an artist but will never measure up, and how you can tell that's the case from what I was drawing, and how I was basically wasting his time by taking the class because this instruction is for people who actually hope to work in the field.

What's awfully weird about this is that I have absolutely no interest in being a professional artist and do not fancy myself to have professional level talent, and I don't tend to be apologetic about this in my work (which is absolutely amateurish by my own estimation). I know that being a "real" artist takes work--the kind of work I am willing to put into my writing, and the kind I HAVE put into my writing--and that I don't have the patience, dedication, or drive to do the same for visual art. So I wonder why the heck I had a dream about that? Maybe 'cause I was about to go to Drink and Draw and most of the people there are better artists than I am and I was anticipating feeling judged? I dunno. :/

I'm better at art than people who don't do art, mostly. I like to doodle and since I do a lot of it I can enjoy drawing my characters or making visually amusing pieces, but for the most part it is always about the message or the representation, not really about the art itself. Sometimes if I put a lot of time and energy into something I'm drawing, it comes out pretty nice. But I don't really have a naturally artistic brain, I don't think--not the way some of my friends and family do. I guess I'm all about the words, where you can just trust that the light is playing in the way I say it is without me having to prove it to you. ;)

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