Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday Factoid: High School Clique

Today's Wednesday Factoid is . . . Were you part of any kind of clique in high school?

Well, I had a group of friends.

We weren't what most people refer to as cliquish, but my high school crowd mostly revolved around people in the class above me (one of whom I was dating), and "members" of it drifted in and out sometimes depending on romantic partners or whatever.

I considered the "core" members of the group to be Meghan, Phil, Aaron, Bryan, and Steve. Later, I guess Mia was part of it too. And Phil was always being hated by one or more of us because he was a jackass.

I was also sort of a part of a secondary "clique," which was the ridiculous chorus girls, but we didn't hang out in groups outside school (with the exception of I guess one time at my sixteenth birthday party where a huge percentage of the chorus class came over to celebrate).

I was a core chorus member, usually participating in two choral groups at the same time and recognized as one of those girls who always got a solo. Several of my friends were serious hardcore chorus girls too, some of whom went to District solo/ensemble festivals with me and went to All-State chorus. I'm really only still friends with one of those gals. It was a good time. Especially Treble Makers. :)

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  1. I was a star amongst the "good students" in grade school. Junior high brought the harsh "realities" of socio-economic prejudice, and although I had a few buddies there, my status was pretty much "wrong side of the tracks." By the time of high school, aside from a new group of buddies (also "wrong side of the tracks") for after school hijinx, I was fairly alienated and couldn't wait for graduation so I could leave all that behind. Not very clique-ish, huh?