Saturday, December 6, 2014

Personal Digest Saturday: November 29 – December 5

Life news this week: 
  • I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD! And also, I WAS SICK! So those two things made me kind of less energetic for the remainder of the week, and you may have noticed that the nearly unthinkable happened: I didn't blog this week at all. Ooh.
  • Friday I had Meghan and Victor spend the night, with a little visit from Tia when she was dropping Victor off. We hung out and chatted and Meg and I got Five Guys food. Then we went to bed relatively early because we would need to leave early in the morning.
  • Saturday was EPCOT day! We drove to Disney in Meg's car, with her daughter Katelyn joining us. We got to our hotel, which was the All-Star music hotel, and that was cool because hey, the décor was all music-themed and there was a lamp that looked like a treble clef. Haha. Cool. We had some bullcrap to deal with at the entrance but we eventually got in, hung out in the Land and did Soarin' and Captain EO, ate in the food court, did the Living with the Land boat ride, and met with Brendon and Benjamin in the World Showcase. There, we wandered around shopping and snacking until the fireworks. For some reason I always cry a little at EPCOT fireworks. The nighttime wasn't so good for some of us because, well, some people snore. (I was next to snoring Victor and Meg was next to snoring Brendon. Made it tough to sleep, but I tried.)
  • Sunday was Hollywood Studios in the daytime. The five of us (without Brendon, who'd meet us later) set out again and hit the Aerosmith roller coaster, but I wasn't feeling good enough to ride and Benny doesn't like it so we let the big kids go. :) They had fun, we had a little breakfast, and then we did Tower of Terror, and eventually got to do Star Tours (twice) and Midway Mania and had Pizza Planet, and then we had tickets to the Christmas Party in the Magic Kingdom so we took a bus over there and did more Magic Kingdom stuff (Haunted Mansion, more food, a couple of them did Small World and Peter Pan and the racecars, but I didn't). And they were giving out free juice, cocoa, and cookies to party attendants! We watched fireworks and the Wishes presentation. So pretty! But we were super tired too.
  • Monday we had big breakfast at the Polynesian resort and it was nummy. We then spent a slightly rainy day at Downtown Disney, not one of the parks, and V got to get the last of his presents for his family. Then we left and dropped V off where he lives and came home. Meg and I got Chinese food for our dinner, hung out a bit, and then she went to drive home. I made a doctor's appointment for the next morning.
  • Didn't go to work Tuesday. Went to the doctor. Got three different prescription medications and warnings that they were going to knock me out and make me dizzy and possibly turn me into a bear. Only the last thing didn't happen. I don't feel irritable but definitely dizzy and tired. Took the medicines and stayed in all day sleeping or reading.
  • Back to work Wednesday feeling like poopies. Caught up on all my work things and met Jeaux. We ate at Best NY Pizza where the server always knows what we're going to order. Then at my house we listened to Night Vale and caught up on Korra, and I got SEVEN frames of Negative One drawn while listening!
  • Thursday was book club. We met to discuss Carl Hiaasen's Tourist Season--most of us didn't really care for it, I thought it was okay--and then we ate at some place I'd never been before called Señor Tequila Mexican Grill. I was pleasantly surprised by their entire page of vegetarian food, but not so pleased with the food itself--too spicy for me.
  • Friday was a co-worker's last day on the job so we ordered in some Jersey Mike's food to give him a send-off. I just got a cheese sandwich LOL.
  • Supposedly a story about me surfaced in Maclean's this week, in Canada, but the digital version won't be online until next week.
New reviews of my book:

                Places featured:
                • The Guardian recycled the Washington Post story but I don't think it's anything new.
                • I guess if someone wants to get a Maclean's in Canada and tell me what it says . . . ?
                  Reading progress:

                  New singing performances:

                  Here I'm singing "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies. I was sick and gross all week and don't have much of a voice left, so I decided to do something lyrically challenging instead of vocally challenging. With any luck you won't be able to hear my voice sucking.

                  New drawings:

                  Webcomic Negative One Issue 0499: "Lap for a Nap."

                  New videos:

                  It appears that I have not made any videos this week. D'oh.

                  New photos:  

                  Oh crap, get ready for the Disney deluge.

                  Meggie's smile in the happiest place on Earth
                  Food after riding Soarin'--I got sushi!

                  Shopping in the World Showcase!

                  Victor and me being cute in EPCOT.
                  Meggie's little boy crashes hard!
                  My friends waiting to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster.
                  Ben cuddles with Mommy at breakfast.
                  Cuddly boy.
                  Every trip needs one obligatory cute-ass selfie.
                  Benny's a warrior!
                  Gee, I wonder why this display at the Villains store is my jam?
                  Ben the daredevil.
                  This is how Victor and I ride.
                  Gorgeous icy castle.
                  Breakfast was ridic.
                  Maleficent dragon made of LEGOs!

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