Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pitch Wars Alternate Showcase!

And now it's time for my alternate's turn in the sun!

Earlier this week, my mentee Megan got to be featured on Brenda Drake's blog with her New Adult fantasy Charlotte Elemental. But in the Pitch Wars contest, we mentors also got to choose an alternate--mostly as an insurance policy in case the mentee dropped out, but also to spread the love a little. My choice was Natalka Burian and her incredible brain-rending literary speculative fiction, Everything Is Flowing.

Short pitch:

The Rosenblum machine gives its users a brief, visceral experience inside a blood relative’s previous life. Young Anna, compelled by a mysterious list of four names, enters the machine. But what awaits her is much larger than the connection she craves: she experiences the birth of a star in space.

If you'd like to read its first page and check out the others in the Adult category, here are the adult alternates. You can also see the main post here if you want to look at books in other categories.

I hope my alternate gets some nibbles! She really deserves it.

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