Monday, June 9, 2014

30-Week Writing Survey: Week 10: Weird Situations



Today's question:What are some really weird situations your characters have been in?

Weird situations my characters have been in. Gee. Wow, let's see. I'll try not to make this spoileriffic or really super specific. But a lot of what I say will probably be like "wait, what?" Which I guess is the point.

Bad Fairy (the whole series, not just the part I've written)

  • Eight-year-old Delia getting into a fist fight with twelve-year-old Beatrice during their Fire studies, after Delia spied on Beatrice's dreams and made fun of them
  • In general, the whole process by which fairies in this story do a ritual and get their wings is very very weird
  • Delia having to wait on her estranged father at her place of work 
  • Delia almost accidentally killing herself by being in a trance for too long
  • Delia conducting interviews with dead people
  • Delia convincing the queen that frogs talk to her
  • Delia having to change her appearance completely within three days to hide in another kingdom (hey, you think actors gaining/losing weight for a role is serious? you should see what she has to do)
  • Delia telling one of her friends what some dead person is saying in the afterlife
  • Delia disguising herself as a rebellious leader of a group of textile freaks in order to distract the po-po (since the truth was, um, weirder)
  • Delia frankly narrating about fairy sex positions

Finding Mulligan

  • Cassie falling in love with a painting on a bathroom door, for starters
  • Dia having to fight a monster made out of red slime and defeating it by magically making the clouds rain two-percent milk
  • Gabi totally has sex with her teacher
  • Basically the entire premise and plot of the book is one huge roller coaster of weirdness, so. . . .
  • Cassie refusing to wear shoes for half the book (and that is super gross in the bathroom and on the bus)
  • Dia having wings randomly for a couple of scenes, but not wanting to use them for flying
  • The perfect nightcap: floor wax and mayonnaise. Feed it to someone you love today!

Stupid Questions

  • Nick's girlfriend complaining about how dirty the top of his refrigerator is, because she could see it from where she was hovering three feet off the floor
  • Nick deleting an in-progress e-mail to another guy because he was afraid it was too much "hey bro, let's talk about our feelings"
  • The entire scene where the characters agree to buy condoms after church
  • Also, making out while sitting on a church (well, several churches, and a temple and a mosque too)

  • Summer referring to a penis as a "ding-a-ling" in complete seriousness (Nick replied "Please never say 'ding-a-ling' again") 
  • Summer's first kiss happened while levitating in the sky
  • Nick punches a wall, and when Brian asks what happened to his hand he says "I punched a wall. I'm better now."
  • Nobody seems to think it's a bad idea to let a girl with macro telekinesis and poor impulse control go to a bar and get drunk

You know what? I could go on for a very long time like this and I think I should stop here. I didn't even talk about older and incomplete books. :D

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