Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vacation follow-up!

In my last vacation post, I wrote up my adventures and shared pictures from the first half of my San Francisco vacation, where I was visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and new nephew! This is just a quick follow-up about what the rest of the vacation was like.

My mom and I had a chill-out day on Friday. We ate spinach pie, hung out, and had a few chats. My mom also spent some time in the lovely little backyard, because she likes to smoke and check out the nature. I'm glad she didn't get stung by any of those really scary-looking bees. We have some pretty intimidating creatures in Florida, but we're not used to the California ones.

I'm chillin' on the picnic bench.

Saturday we got my sister and her family to come to us instead of going to them! I did some editing in the morning and they came over in the evening, where I made breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs and biscuits, plus fruit). My sister gave Baby Ash his usual dinner, as well as making sure her husband got to eat. Haha. :D

The baby accepted a pacifier for the first time! It's nice when he just needs to suck and his mommy doesn't have to feed him all the time. :) We also talked about the Japanese spelling of the baby's name. (Clearly he's a product of parents from opposite sides of the globe and they want him to learn both languages and feel comfortable in both cultures, so they gave him both an English name and a Japanese name.) His first name, Ash, is written アッシュ in katakana, and his first middle name, Aoba, is written 蒼葉 in kanji. He has a second middle name and obviously a last name too, but I'm not putting full names on the Internet because well you know. Badness!

I wonder if there are any awesome English children's books I can send for when he's older that also have Japanese versions? Several places I've seen have said bilingual children benefit from having two versions of the same book.

You've got a lot of stuff to learn, li'l baby!
The next day, Sunday, was our last day in San Francisco. We went over to my sister's place and hung out with them and the baby. We didn't do anything special really--the baby was enough entertainment. And Grandma got to have a ball.

It's so funny how he looks at her like she's being so silly and weird.
"Is that a joke? I don't get it!"
We all went to a nearby café called Simple Pleasures to have some noms and coffee/tea, and there happened to be a jazz duet there playing piano and saxophone. We sat right in front of them and the baby didn't wake up, all cozy and cuddled in the carrier against Yusuke's chest. So cute!

And we just chilled for a while at the apartment after that. The baby is such a cutie. He has no idea why he's such a big deal, and sometimes he just looks at you like "What?"

I love when he gets the forehead wrinkles.
And then it was back to Tampa. The plane rides were cold, and there was snow in Denver when we landed, and then our shuttle back from the airport was a real pain in the butt--it took just over two and a half hours to get us home because we were the last stop and they packed in like nine people! Still haven't heard from the company, even though they said they'd do something to make up for that.

Return trip plane selfie! I like plane selfies.
I did get to get some drawing done, and some reading, and a fair amount of editing for my mentee from Pitch Wars. Hooray! And . . . now I'm preparing for Vacation 2: The Birthday Adventure. Look out for updates on my road trip, because . . . it's going to be legendary. :D

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