Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm 36, yay!

It's my birthday, yaaaay!

To celebrate I'm going to be on a road trip with my best friend from high school, Meggie. We're celebrating 20 years of being friends! (And her birthday is two days after mine, so we almost always celebrate together!)

If I'm less responsive than usual, it's because I'm partying and stuff.

We're gonna have cupcakes like every day.

Me when I turned 5!
Me when I turned 16, 20 years ago!
Meg is there in that crowd. :)
Me when I turned 30, wearing a tiara!!
Birthdays are fun. I've already gotten some cool gifts and I'll write about my holiday gifts and birthday gifts when I'm back. :D

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  1. Ahhh-just saw this. Happy Belated Birthday!!!