Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Kid Collections

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Did you collect anything unusual as a kid?

Yeah, I'm sure I did!

One pretty old memory I have is various attempts to collect money. I didn't want it for spending purposes; I liked the different designs and wanted to own examples. I made a wallet out of paper that had a bunch of different compartments and went around asking relatives if they could give me a 50 or 100 dollar bill so I could complete my wallet. (They weren't willing to play that game.) I also attempted to collect a penny dated every year since I was born, and taped them onto a piece of paper with placeholders for the ones I hadn't found yet. My parents had a huge glass jar full of pennies and I once went through it comprehensively trying to find the dates I was missing.

I collected Pocket Popples. But there were only 10 of them and I managed to get them all, so that isn't a very good story.

I collected bottlecaps for a while because Bert on Sesame Street did and I thought that was cool. But I never really did anything with them.

I collected Baby-Sitters' Club books when I was in middle school. I read them all up to a certain point but I was more into having the collection than the stories in them.

And I collected four-leaf clovers. I used to find them all the time! I was taught how to press them in a book (between sheets of plastic so they wouldn't damage the book) and I kept them in a big heavy Black Beauty hardcover. 

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