Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: First Car

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What was your first car?


Being that I've never had a driver's license and never owned a car, this is not really applicable to me. But I guess I can try to introduce you to the equivalent:

My beloved bike!

My mom got me this bike to get around town in college. I have had other bikes as a kid here and there, but this was the first one I really used as transportation the way most people use their cars. We bought it secondhand from someone selling it in my college town, Gainesville, and since we didn't have an easy way to put it in the car when we bought it, my mom actually rode it the short distance to my college apartment while my dad took me back in the car. (She didn't want me riding on the street as unpracticed as I was, but I'm sure she was equally unpracticed. Moms, right?)

Some time later my mom decided she didn't like that the tires were so thin and began pressuring me to get a bike with thicker tires for more stability. When I didn't do it, she just gave me one of the bikes that had belonged to my grandparents. I began using that one, and when my roommate's bike broke I let her use my first one instead. And because she was using a lock that didn't really work, that one got stolen. She later got another bike and ended up running into a man who was using my original bike (she could tell by the special seat she'd put on it). And she just let him keep it after he gave back the seat cover. So that was the last of that.

I still use the second bike. I rode it earlier today!


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