Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Ideal Day

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Describe your ideal day.

That's a hard one.

I tried to do this once when I was in high school. (It was something dumb my boyfriend asked me to do because he wanted to see if he was included in it. Of course his ideal day began and ended with "pleasuring" me. Ew.)

What I remember from actually trying to think about an ideal day is that it's tempting to squeeze everything you love about life into a day to represent everything you wouldn't want to live without, but that makes for an exhausting and ultimately far-from-ideal day.

So to be 100% honest, my ideal day involves being alone with no one talking to me or asking for my attention. My ideal week would not be like that, because I treasure the time spent with family and friends, but I think a truly ideal day for me would be me by myself uninterrupted and focusing on my own things.

I would get up whenever I wanted and have coffee and breakfast. I would get on my computer and read through e-mails and notifications, and there wouldn't be any assholes in any of them. I would respond to the ones I wanted to respond to and save the less compelling ones for when I felt like it.

Then I would probably make something. A recording or a drawing or an essay.

I would have lunch and read.

I might take a nap.

I'm sure I would fool around on the Internet after getting up. Probably watch videos, read blogs, check out cartoons, look at comics, scroll through Tumblr. And then I'd do some writing on my current project.

I feel really good when I've written something, even though the actual writing is very hard work.

Maybe I'd play Dance Dance Revolution after that, bathe, and have dinner while reading over my new writing.

Maybe after that I'd do more reading, writing a blog, playing a game, baking something yummy, or making a drawing or video. I might be able to listen to music while doing one of these things, 'cause I love music and wouldn't want to leave it out.

I might even go outside at some point, but I dunno.

That said, if I had an ideal week to plan, I'm sure I would choose to spend one day with family, one day with friends, and one day to do some kind of special event like Drink and Draw, karaoke, a day trip, a friend's special visit, or a party. I do think my happiness depends to some extent on human contact, and I wouldn't want to stay out of touch with my nearest and dearest for a long period of time, but my "ideal" days where I am on nobody's schedule and can spend my time on my personal projects are probably as valuable to me as they are because I so rarely get them. And then the stuff I would like to do alone if I had a week would include maybe a huge writing binge, making special art, creating a website project, diving into a heavy book, helping someone with editing a book, responding to e-mail, having a marathon conversation with a friend while drawing or baking, going shopping, learning a new song to sing or play on an instrument, watching an entertaining movie or show, getting ahead on my comics, or making a present for someone.

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