Friday, February 28, 2014

Deadlines, deadlines . . . dead.

As my deadline has gotten closer, I've been steadily working on certain things for my manuscript, but then there was still a little sprint to the finish line. I'd done what I'd thought would be my final edit of the thing already last week, but as I was coding the manuscript's headers and making a style guide for my publisher and processing some of its peculiarities with instructions for typesetters, I was also . . . you guessed it, reading it again. Just to be sure, you know.

But even though this is the first time I've had a very specific deadline for a book-length manuscript, I seem to have been . . . doing quite a lot of other stuff, and let's be honest, most of it was not as important as what I should have been doing with the book. My priorities are pretty weird sometimes. My usual productivity expectations are pretty high--I like to make one video per month for each of my two YouTube channels, one webcomic a week for my fantasy story comic, one webcomic a month for my joke comic for writers, and a karaoke video each week. I also like fitting in reading, baking, hanging out with friends, and keeping up the blogging, tweeting, blog reading, and even watching an occasional silly show on my computer. Add to that the fact that I am sometimes also writing my own new material, editing my own material, and editing other people's stuff--while still trying to hold down a day job and do household chores and do other projects and find time to sleep--and I am a Very Busy Girl who sometimes doesn't quite know how to prioritize.

So, keeping with the theme, I made a comic about how sometimes I procrastinate on the important things by doing stuff like making comics. It's kind of meta actually.

And . . . just so you know . . .

Yes, I did turn the book in. Now it will never be just mine again.

Though I guess it never was in the first place.

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