Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wrapped up and ready to go

So the nonfiction book proposal is wrapped up and ready to go!

My nonfiction agent, Andrea, and I have finalized our proposal edits, compiled a list of publishers to start with, and we're setting sail for the seas of submission tomorrow or Thursday.

I love this part!

I think it's going to feel a little different doing it with the nonfiction project--well, I know it will, because it already does--but still, that first day of a new round of submissions is really a fun little buzz because you know any minute you might get a message from your agent alerting you that HEY, you have another nibble!

All of my fiction nibbles are getting pretty crusty by now--hopefully the (I won't say how many, but several) editors considering my fiction book are actually chewing by now and not just leaving it on the counter getting stale. My oldest nibble that's still in play was at the beginning of January. My newest was over a month ago. The longest up until now that it's taken for anyone to pass on my book was a little over three months. I like thinking this is a good sign because rejecting a book doesn't take as long, while deciding to make an offer to an author can involve multiple editor reads and marketing meetings.

I miss that "could be good news any minute!" feeling and it's going to be fun going into it with another project. It'll be a good distraction from wondering and torturing myself over whether this radio silence from the fiction imprints is a good sign or not.

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